Sunday, 2021-06-20

rinigusmal: xz2 aosp10 port issue with actdead looks to be from aosp10 - it doesn't work in android either. filed an issue upstream, let's see whether I get any response to it06:38
malrinigus: how does it behave? it won't even reach it?08:18
rinigusmal: sorry, should have added
rinigusin short - on charger it hangs with the screen off; on pc - reboots08:48
rinigusI have an issue with the video resuming after pausing, switching to some other app, coming back to resume. however, it looks to be limited to youtube/browser combo. bbc/browser doesn't have it; llplayer and local video - no problem either15:08
rinigusfor aarch64/aosp10 tama build15:08
piggzevening all16:24

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