Monday, 2021-06-21

piggzlbt: hi, do you have a status update on obs?12:09
piggzwhen might 4.0 and 4.1 be available on all archs?12:09
poetasterlbt:  webhooks not yet viable in obs? Files could not be expanded: service error: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc/obs/services/webhook'14:06
zotanIs there a reccommended series of verison numbers when updating from a very old release? I have a sony tablet on
piggzmal: should you re-enable 4.0.1 for hw:common to get it building?20:00
piggzzotan: i would imagine you would also need updated mw packages for the port20:00
malpiggz: afaik arm target is not working yet20:26
piggzmal: i mean 64 too20:28
piggzthere are disabled packages ... or is that ok?20:28
malpiggz: we only build what is needed in testing common, those disabled packages were for some older releases21:09
piggzmal: ok21:22
malI have been thinking if we should remove some of the very old targets21:52

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