Tuesday, 2021-06-22

* pcfe[m] < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/NbyMFbwIAaVkiSWEfFuYuHQs/message.txt >12:23
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piggzevening *19:34
b100dianevening piggz21:16
b100dianI see your archive started pointing here21:16
b100dianthe certificate expired though:)21:17
b100diantoo bad we don't have T42 yet21:17
piggzyes, ive just been mentioning that21:17
piggzbest fix the cert21:17
Nico[i]If oftc allowed double bridging, I would just point my matrix telegram bridge at this room or a plumbed version, but I think it doesn't...21:31

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