Thursday, 2021-06-24

piggzmal: a couple of build errors in native-common for aarch6408:04
riniguspiggz: what is native-common?08:12
piggzrinigus: common packages for native ports08:13
rinigusI see. thanks08:13
piggzah, one is my spec file...08:15
malpiggz: you didn't fix the mce plugin correclty, you need to do the same changes to your spec08:36
piggzmal: i already did and its fixed08:36
piggzmal: wondering if gst-libav still needs to be in native common?08:37
malpiggz: not sure why it was there08:38
piggzmal: i think becuase previously you didnt ship it08:39
rinigusmal: is nemo:devel:hw:common bumped to 4.1? looks like libgbinder-radio is old08:44
rinigusnemo:testing:hw:common seems also missing 4.1. but maybe we will just skip that release and work on 4.2 when it will be out08:45
piggzmal: yeah, gst-lbav started with 3.3, so, ill delete the package as not needed08:46
piggzrinigus: yeah, maye the targets wont get fixed until 4.2 anyway08:52
malrinigus: is latest on obs yet 4.1?09:05
rinigusmal: if I read it right, lbt set it so yesterday09:06
rinigusbut not sure where we check it at obs09:07
piggzmal: riniguslatest is 4.0
piggz4.1 doesnt work at all due to some cross-* problem in the target that only lbt knows about09:11
riniguspiggz: thanks! well, I'll continue working on aarch64/4.1 port with tbuilder for now.09:12
piggzrinigus: yeah, its the way to go for now ... im very time contrained atm tho09:13
piggzi may aswell add aarch64 to the pinephone projects09:18
piggzmal: this can be removed right?
piggzthere is now
malpiggz: based on my check that was added in 3.2.110:33
piggzyeah, so, ill remove10:34
malso probably can be removed10:34
malpiggz: I probably should try to finish the proper non-droid mce-plugin-libhybris10:35
piggzmal: any thoughts about the sensors for hybris 17?10:36
malpiggz: we haven't talked about that much but it should be done natively i.e. no android side stuff built for it10:36
rinigusmal: re compositor switching to low refresh mode while idle. as far as I understood from your comments last night, the same issue is on seine. I presume that it also leads to choppiness while interacting with lipstick. for example, while switching between open apps grid and notification area11:53
rinigusis my summary correct?11:53
rinigusif it is, do we have any bug report opened regarding it? something I can follow?11:53
malrinigus: I this the issue we have seen is less serious, just a few fps less than optimal in some situations like when having settings app open11:56
rinigusmal: as far as I understood with settings app it was due to processing that has to be done by its pages. OK, so it is worse in Tama and seems to be port specific...11:58
rinigusmal: do you know what does that compositor frame rate indicator measures? should I somehow look into lipstick or ?12:03
thilo[m]Hi, anyone knows if it is possible to change the brightness of the flashlight somehow? (on some devices?) i guess i need to look at the camera driver, right?13:45
malusually that is just on/off, not sure if it's possible to change the brightness, could be even hardware limitation15:38
piggzmal: lbt: still got those weird "blocks" on doesnloading packages eg
b100dianI get this when opening the Backup settings page in 4.0.1 on aarch6420:07
b100dianfile:///usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/PageStack.qml:1283:13: QML AnimatedLoader: (file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Vault/MainPage.qml: File not found)20:07
b100dianCan I just upgrade the jolla-settings app? or which package that reference gets into?20:08
piggzlbt: any luck investigating 4.1 issue?20:11
piggzwondering why libgpiod doesnt install to the correct libdir20:27
piggzDylanVanAssche: ping .... you use libgpiod right?20:30
piggzi think adding --libdir=%{_libdir} ought to fix it20:33
malpiggz: where is that libgpiod?20:55
malfound it20:55
piggzmal: build suceeded20:55
piggzmal: where should udev rules be installed ... always lib, or match arch?21:23
piggzok, thats an error in my spec then21:23
piggzmal: is there a macro for that21:23
malor is that _udevrulesdir21:27
malseems the latter should work21:27
piggz%_udevrulesdir i found, so yes, with )21:27
piggzmal: that didnt work :/21:51

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