Friday, 2021-06-25

DylanVanAsschepiggz: I don't the eg25-manager did that already :P06:06
AMOGUScan't see any messages08:56
*** AMOGUS is now known as Guest53308:56
aSUSWhy I cannot see messages lol09:00
Nico[i]What messages would you expect to see?09:01
aSUSNow I see them09:01
aSUSI use IRC for the first time09:01
Nico[i]There is no message history on iRC09:01
piggzmal: udevrules resolved to /lib, file is installed to /usr/lib ... i could hacky fix it, just wondering whats the best way09:06
aSUSfinally adaptation0 was fixed in 4.109:27
aSUSis sailfish os RUSSIAN?09:28
malpiggz: it seems build hardcodes that to include prefix so you will need a patch to your spec to change the meson file (or move the file in install step)11:48
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