Saturday, 2021-06-26

aSUSWhen I build libnciplugin I get this error:05:27
aSUSNo provider of 'pkgconfig(nfcd-plugin) >= 1.1.4' found.05:27
aSUSBut the latest nfcd plugin is
aSUSHow to fix?05:28
aSUSI am talking about --mw.05:28
aSUSAnd, do I really need to build libnciplugin?05:28
aSUSrootfs built05:52
aSUSBut I didnt get flash zip06:34
aSUSI flashed rootfs manually, now I got device called 'refusing'06:42
aSUSin linux06:51
aSUSare you Daanct or Danct lol?07:00
b100dianHi, I would like to try to use OBS for my 4.0.1 aarch64 port. Is there any reading about how to use it?11:23
malpiggz: I doubt that eg25-manager works now, I'm quite sure systemd will only read from /lib/udev not from /usr/lib/udev12:11
BaapI want to know about porting and can a person with negligible coding background port sailfish os?15:17
BaapActually I have lot of time to kill and want to learn how to port Ubuntu touch says that general public can port a device if they are patient enough15:23
BaapSo i want to know if that can also be said for porting sailfish os15:24
piggzmal: ok, ill re-do16:58
piggzmal: accorind to this its the opposite...
malpiggz: don't you trust that I had checked the correct path? :)20:54
piggzmal: aww man, why would you change upstream :D20:55
malpiggz: I think it's a bit legacy for us, we used to have systemd services in /lib also but moved that to /usr/lib but udev is still left20:58
malprobably should be time to move those to /usr/lib at some point20:58
piggzmal: that patch should fix the man page too ;)20:59
malhmm, afaik man page paths are generated based on that variable20:59
malnot sure though21:00
malit seems not21:01

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