Thursday, 2021-07-01

T42<Plamen> thanks a lot, I didn't do it, but I will do it 🙂👍 (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>@Plamen have yo...)05:13
T42<RealTheHexagon> this happens when building the rootfs with mic (re @RealTheHexagon: what would provide l...)05:18
mighty17[m] gmp-droid broken?05:26
T42<RealTheHexagon> doesn't happen for me05:27
mighty17[m]it worked few days ago for me as well05:28
T42<RealTheHexagon> which commit number are you trying, because #69 works05:28
mighty17[m]whats the commit hash?05:29
T42<RealTheHexagon> i dunno, lemme check05:29
T42<RealTheHexagon> oh sry that was gst-droid05:30
T42<RealTheHexagon> just try going back a commit05:31
mighty17[m]lastest commit 3 days ago, hmm ig that breaks stuff05:31
T42<RealTheHexagon> i just built it a few hrs ago, worked fine05:32
T42<RealTheHexagon> have you done anything to your system?05:33
T42<RealTheHexagon> off topic, is there any hardware differences between espresso3g and espressowifi, because i have the latter05:33
mighty17[m]nope, im building for espressowifi rn to upload to xda05:33
mighty17[m]only change is in device tree (espresso3g has some extra stuff for 3g)05:34
mighty17[m]@RealTheHexagon could you try building for wifi and test, sources are on my git
T42<RealTheHexagon> . (re @RealTheHexagon: have you done anythi...)05:34
T42<RealTheHexagon> lets fix the issue first.05:34
mighty17[m]sources are on xda as well :D05:34
T42<RealTheHexagon> i have to go, will come in 20 min, try changing commits, and update me when i get back.  :)05:35
mighty17[m]i did, same issue05:36
T42<RealTheHexagon> the issue isn't with the code, it's a issue with ccache05:40
T42<RealTheHexagon> try doing ccache -C05:40
T42<RealTheHexagon> try doing ccache -c (edited)05:40
T42<RealTheHexagon> if it is the same error, do capital c like -C05:41
mighty17[m]`bash: ccache: command not found` :P05:43
mighty17[m]@RealTheHexagon still the same, i will have to make clean and do everything from start but dont hv that much time today06:00
T42<adampigg> Lnt: mal: side effect of new obs, xulrunner builds now work!06:20
T42<elros34> mighty17[m] or read error and update droidmedia07:04
T42<RealTheHexagon> can someone help me with this (re @RealTheHexagon: this happens when bu...)07:13
T42<elros34> have you tried building latest release?07:22
T42<RealTheHexagon> what is latest,
T42<RealTheHexagon> | (re @elros34: have you tried build...)07:34
T42<RealTheHexagon> im building
T42<elros34> even in your log, you can see that mic in sdk is from
T42<elros34> also in you can always find what is the latest release07:36
T42<RealTheHexagon> so do i have to update my sdk?07:37
T42<elros34> did you read what I just write? your sdk is, no idea what target version you use07:38
T42<RealTheHexagon> oh i misread07:38
T42<elros34> you can check target release with usual sb2 command and then ssu re07:40
T42<RealTheHexagon> ye its building now07:41
T42<RealTheHexagon> so... how do i install sfos, onto a samsung device08:05
T42<RealTheHexagon> it just says, use heimdall08:06
T42<RealTheHexagon> but where do we flash to?08:06
T42<RealTheHexagon> or do we flash the boot.img with heimdall, and there is a different way to install sfos>08:07
T42<RealTheHexagon> or do we flash the boot.img with heimdall, and there is a different way to install sfos? (edited)08:07
mighty17[m]@RealTheHexagon is it a Tab2?08:43
mighty17[m]<T42 "<elros34> mighty17 or read error"> Yeah, multitasking is a bad idea didn't realise that08:43
mighty17[m]@RealTheHexagon usually 1) u install the android base from twrp and 2) flash sfos zip from twrp08:44
T42<RealTheHexagon> i have a tab 2, but rn im doing galaxy s5 (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mighty17[m]>@RealTh...)08:50
mighty17[m]<mighty17[m] "@RealTheHexagon usually 1) u ins"> ah ok, but usually its the same for all devices as i told above09:06
malmighty17[m]: did you update droidmedia to fix gmp-droid?12:47
T42<HarDBr1ckS> I'm not able to install this system. Someone help me ? It's giving error 7 when installing lineage 16 and it also gives an error when trying to install linux over the top18:41
T42<elros34> If you use TWRP then would be good to check /tmp/recovery.log18:49
T42<b100dian> Hi all, I have a very vorbose logcat when using the camera - pictures are taken, but recording visibly starts losing frames and at stop, it crashes miniaudiopolicy. Does this sound familiar to anyone?20:28
T42<b100dian> logs from starting the camera app, switching to video and recording then stopping are here (hopefully, I had to trim blocks from the last part because of the verbosity)20:29
T42<b100dian> And here are the processes involved + the symbolicated tombstone for miniaudiopolicyservice
T42<b100dian> (actually am wondering if development/scripts/stack really works if the process loads libs from /system/lib64)20:37
T42<b100dian> and logcat of only miniaudiopolicyservice.. (35 lines..)20:54
mal@b100dian what issue are you trying to fix?21:31
T42<b100dian> mal: video recording21:34
T42<b100dian> Is there a way to record without sound? It might be sound recording21:37
T42<b100dian> actually the error: AudioPolicyEffects: Failed to create Fx misoundfx- it seems is only 32 bit, I should try building miniaudiopolicyservice in 32 bits21:38
malok, should be quite easy to build as 32-bit22:11
T42<b100dian> yup, but it turns out I don't have the rest of the libaaudioservice and libaudiofingerglue etc in 32.. wondering how this could work22:15
malwhich android base is that?22:25
malaudioflingerglue is obsolete for modern android bases22:26
malit was replaced by pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl + audiosystem-passthrough22:27
T42<b100dian> wait, why did I typed glue:) it's libaudioflinger.so22:39
T42<b100dian> (hybris 17.1)22:41

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