Friday, 2021-07-02

T42<b100dian> Re OBS: these links need updating?
T42<b100dian> So how do I add sfos 4.0.1 aarch64 :
mighty17[m]mal: i was not free yesterday, rebuilding sfos currently06:01
mighty17[m]is there something of concern?06:02
T42<RealTheHexagon> mighty17: so I install the base that i ported from, and then install the sfos zip, both from twrp (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mighty17[m]>@RealTh...)07:13
mighty17[m]@RealTheHexagon correct!09:37
*** amccarthy_ is now known as amccarthy11:01
mighty17[m]mal: @elros34 i have `droidmedia-0.20210203.0`11:20
mighty17[m]which is what is when i use it11:20
mighty17[m] well this is what i get `* No git url specified, assuming ` is pretty sus11:30
malmighty17[m]: if you look at tags you see latest is 0.20210608.111:35
malmighty17[m]: which means you should pull latest updates in external/droidmedia and then run make droidmedia in HABUILD_SDK the usual way like you do for hybris-hal and then the usual --gg11:36
mighty17[m]oooh its in external11:38
mighty17[m]thanks a ton11:38
mighty17[m]is it good to have 2 devices for sfos building, like there is espresso3g and espressowifi, both are very similar devices and share same kernel but different enough to have seperate builds (as 3g has well, 3g and wifi doesnt)15:55

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