Wednesday, 2021-07-07

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rinigus@Mahmoud_Suleiman: in a year?06:33
mighty17[m]can i directly make update from 3.4 to 4.1 (or do i need to do 4.0) afaik major change for us is patterns13:19
T42<elros34> in short no, details:
mighty17[m]ah 4.0 is a stop release, cool13:35
spiiroinrinigus: mce actually has some logic for governor selection, but it is vestigial j1 time code that ended up not being used due to interfering with also running android mpdecisiond (or something like that anyway)14:32
spiiroincouple of years ago there was some chatter about making it more usable -> some wip code at
T42<M> is there an Emacs Org Mode app client for SFOS or does anybody know how can I use org mode on my phone?14:33
spiiroinbasically something like that might work - provided that there is nothing else that is trying to control these things too14:33
spiiroinas that has been and probably continues to be unlikely, it might be better to do something like: retain sailfish side policy in mce, but offload actual actions somewhere else e.g. providing hints to android perfomance manager might a) avoid conflicts, b) leverage already existing android side adaptation14:33
T42<M> is there an Emacs Org Mode app client like Orgzly (AD) for SFOS or does anybody know how can I use org mode on my phone? (edited)14:34
T42<mh4Speech> Hello! Which device has SailFishX and will work in the US?  Will Sony devices work?15:16
T42<nephros> spiiroin: is mpdecision still a thing? it does not appear to be running on my device...15:50
T42<pherjung> Well, biggest problem with Sailfish is that there are no VoLTE support. So you should check if your provider still supports 2G (re @mh4Speech: Hello! Which device ...)16:29
T42<pherjung> You can chek this thread if you'd like more informations:
T42<pherjung> @mh4Speech actually you asked on the wrong group. Here is the good one :
rinigusspiiroin: as far as I could see in AOSP10 (running Android, not SFOS) logs, nothing is switching off subset of CPUs. It is mainly all (due to full suspend) or nothing situation. So, it maybe safe these days - at least on Sony - to do so.17:22
riniguslooking at example config, that should do quite well. not sure we will hit 32-lines restriction in out case17:23
rinigusspiiroin: we may have to also adjust GPU frequency on AOSP10 Tama port as it turned out there are major issues with AOSP10 implementation that we duly hit on SFOS port as well17:29
rinigusso, that would add some extra paths on top.17:29
rinigusbut ini file looks to be flexible enough to make it all work17:29

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