Thursday, 2021-07-08

spiiroin@nephros IIRC is/was qc thing. mtk devices have/had something else. but in general one might have to assume that there is something that is adjusting clock rates / number of cores based on thermal status, activity, etc -> overriding such things could lead to overheating / whatnot -> device specific details come important06:36
T42<nephros> Spiiroin: makes sense, thanks.06:50
rinigusspiiroin: I will test your mce branch. with the respect of `/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*` option - any way to limit it to cpu[4-7]?08:54
riniguspython script also looks to be python208:54
rinigusspiiroin: not sure we should limit it to /sys/devices/system/cpu/ ( it may make sense to use it for gpu handling as well (or something else device specific)09:00
rinigusand I can't figure out where the wildcards (*) are handled...09:01
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Danct12evening piggz18:19
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