Friday, 2021-07-09

piggzlbt: quiet friday for obs work? ;)09:17
piggzgotta try eh :D09:18
lbtyeah - I don't mind and it does keep it in my mind09:18
piggzi was worried about pushing too much tbh09:19
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* lbt smiles and looks at piggz20:02
piggzlbt: u did it????20:02
lbtI did...20:02
piggzffs, i just sat down with wine and hummus20:03
lbtI think there's a bug in our internal prjconf .. I need to see what's going on20:03
lbtPSA: is now operational...20:03
lbtPlease let me know of any issues20:03
piggzlbt: what was the issue?20:05
lbtthe prjconf requires cross-armv7hl-glibc-*20:06
lbtline 138 (and duplicates)20:06
lbtthose are not in the public repo20:06
lbtso I need to figure out why and what's going on there - they should be I think20:07
lbtyeah - they're in the upcoming 4.2.0 release20:07
piggzso, something went wrong with 4.1?20:08
lbtso I think there was a mistake in release process20:08
piggznow i dont know what to do, amazifsh, t5 port, pinephone ????20:08
lbtroll a 3-sided die20:09
malpiggz: I updated testing common packages for 4.1.020:17
piggzlbt: does latest == 4.1?20:41
piggzmal: maybe 4.1 needs added to devel temporariliy20:52
lbtI just made it latest21:00
piggzlbt: thx, and extra thx for sorting it out21:05
lbtnp - sorry it took so long. Work has been insane recently21:06
piggzmal: are there any packages that shouldnt be HEAD for 4.1?21:09
malpiggz: not sure, I'm updating devel common now21:12
malpiggz: probably latest versions should be fine if you have new enough droidmedia21:20
piggzmal: i'll need to rebase my gmp-droid repo21:21
piggzmaybe i should work out a compile time param for that like @abranson suggested21:22
malyeah, or quirk21:22
piggzabranson said gmp is not allowed to read files21:22
malah, good point21:23
piggzso, would have to be at compile time21:23
piggztomorrow morning i have a long drive :(21:23
piggzmal: i think ofono-ril-binder plugin needs to be older?22:25
piggz1.2.3 builds agains the version of libgbinder-radio in common:22:29
malpiggz: I took the version from changelog, maybe I could update all23:16

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