Sunday, 2021-07-11

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rinigus@nephros: I'll have to stop installing Tama config as a part of zgovernor and install it separately via config package. As for testing, you can try. Just change config accordingly.06:27
rinigusChoose device that you use regularly to see whether there is any difference06:29
riniguspiggz: as I have similar transition as you do with volla, I will make a subproject for tama. so, devel will be nemo:devel:hw:sony:tama:aosp1007:25
T42<adampigg> That could work, then i could keep the names as per ubports07:28
rinigus@adampigg: it should, we would just have to adjust OBS repo links, but that should be relatively simple07:32
T42<adampigg> Yeah, and i do that in pine anyway07:33
rinigusnow I wonder whether Jolla factored in time for lbt to keep OBS up to date. so that the updates of the targets wouldnot take too long07:34
T42<adampigg> Well, hopefully the wont all take as long as 4.1, seems someone made an error in that release07:40
T42<nephros> rinigus: have been running your stock one on X10 for a while, as all the sysfs files were there.07:43
T42<nephros> No fatalities so far, but no dramatic changes either.07:43
T42<nephros> But power draw curve does seem much flatter overnight.07:43
rinigus@nephros: I would expect that the main benefit would be in idle for longer times, as during a night. So great to hear08:00
lbtI used to get some time to manage and release to the OBS and I've just been pushing to get some more as part of this 12 month extension08:00
lbtthe main problem this time was a major change in the upgraded OBS as to how it handled external repositories08:01
rinigus@nephros: just don't mess with GPU on X10 - delete those lines in config if you have it. Added them last night08:02
lbtso my trusty process no longer worked ... coupled with what I think is a real bug in the release (missing packages)08:02
lbtit doesn't help that I made the release as a way of re-learning how we do releases - so I can't even blame someone else :D :D08:03
riniguslbt  let's hope that the new routine will kick in and Jolla would realize that some time is needed as well...08:04
rinigusBut we are happy and celebrating new OBS daily :)08:04
lbtwe've got a year (well, less now) to show how useful OBS is to the community08:04
lbtbtw ... we do have this thing called Chum...08:04
lbtit's supposed to be a place where app developers can release their rpms to a central OBS project08:05
lbtusers can just add a single repo and get any OBS apps automatically08:06
lbtthe idea is that we have Chum:testing too - so there's a promotion path for testers08:06
lbtjust mentioning that08:06
lbt(it's been there since and every single release since08:07
riniguslbt: re Chum - was actually asking about it yesterday (I think). how do we get apps there? what about TTS engines: would they qualify for it?08:10
rinigussome useful libs, presage-based keyboard - those are some "extras" that would be great to have via some simple repo.08:11
T42<nephros> rinigus:08:17
T42<nephros> nemo@PGXperia10:~ $ cat /sys/class/devfreq/soc\:qcom\,gpubw/available_frequencies08:17
T42<nephros> 0 381 572 762 1144 1571 2086 2597 2929 3879 4943 516108:17
T42<nephros> So your upper value is not available on X10, maybe that's why it didn't set thw world on fire this night when I left the GPU values as-is.08:17
T42<nephros> Will heed you advice now.08:17
lbtringius: that's something that could be worked out too - it would be a community managed thing08:20
T42<nephros> What I don't understand: you set min_freq to something higher than minimum under compositor_main. Shouldn't it be max_freq something lower than maximum instead?08:31
rinigus@nephros: this is a bug in Tama AOSP10/blobs. we need it as otherwise lipstick gets choppy. it is not needed on other devices unless having similar issue. So, delete all config lines with GPU min_freq from config. normally, you would not need compositor sections in INI08:37
T42<nephros> Copy that, thanks.08:38
riniguslbt: makes sense. this chum repo sounds like an excellent idea we just need to figure out what qualifies to go there. I would suggest to have rather broad range: apps, libs, tools.08:40
lbtdo you recall "maemo extras"08:41
riniguslbt: nope, joined with SFOS and there was no maemo08:41
lbtOK - it was a community managed area with community QA/testing too08:42
rinigusnot sure how would testing work08:42
lbtessentially Chum was intended to provide a similar structured area completely managed by community people08:42
lbtindeed - they ended up with a web system that allowed votes and promotion08:43
lbtbut it can evolve08:43
rinigusOK, sounds like it is up to us (community) to figure out how we can use it best. I would love to have such single repo where all can get the latest software. as it is on OBS, multiple SFOS releases can be supported nicely08:45
lbtI think there are still a few sailors who would be happy to offer suggestions and lessons-learned08:46
riniguslbt: I can see that it is separate repos under
lbt too08:47
rinigus - then we can define targets under it as well.08:47
rinigusbut no :testing, if it is needed08:48
lbtI think the intention was to tie the :version to the version of the device08:48
riniguslbt: yes, but that makes it more difficult to update the packages across different SFOS versions08:49
lbtand auto promote from :version to :version+1:testing and then to :version+1 if all was well (for some definition of well)08:49
lbtsure - it would also be fine to not auto-promote08:50
lbtyou can set webhooks to use a per-sfos-version branch08:50
lbtso any changes/tags on version_X branch would only rebuild in that version08:51
lbtoops - visitors!08:51
rinigusenjoy! :)08:51
riniguspiggz: ^ see above. so, some place where we can put all our apps but maybe more. I am thinking of tools like `mc`, tts engines, mapboxgl-qml. make it some place where we can all `zypper in ...` whatever we want :)08:53
rinigus(re your question regarding Chum)08:53
T42<elros34> @b100dian I guess your log would be even more verbose without chatty:  uid=0(root) Binder:3566_2 identical 58148 lines. Not sure if it's relevant for your android base but have you tried
T42<b100dian> Thanks @elros34 - so if I understand correctly I should try forcing HAL110:10
T42<elros34> yeah at least HADK pdf use 1 as example10:12
T42<b100dian> Hmm it still references camxhal3.cpp (I've rebuild droidmedia and droid-hal)
piggzrinigus: im thinking kf5 libs too14:14
riniguspiggz: the more the merrier. it would allow to reuse each other work and not hunt for already ported packages14:50

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