Monday, 2021-07-12

T42<b100dian> updated question for not-working camera recording: Back to 'H.264 AVC caps, but no codec_data'. It seems it happens right between ' start video recording' and 'stop video recording' (which are within a split second)00:02
T42<b100dian> Is there any way to debug the incoming avc? is h264 codec_data supposed to be created by camera, droidmedia or gst-droid?00:03
T42<b100dian> (the message probably stops video recording for the jolla-camera, but the android service probably continues to try to allocate more frames but none are removed from the pool that's why it is starting thrashing the viewport preview MY GUESS™)00:04
T42<b100dian> hmm I actually stopped that myself in a split second for the test. the rest of the log is similar, with 99.9999 timestapms for droidaenc0 and00:15
T42<b100dian> caps audio/mpeg, create codec of type: audio/mp4a-latm00:15
piggzmal: still procrastinating about android-10 sensors interface? can you suggest how i might implement it if you dont have time?09:22
T42<movlako> Hi, I am new here, do we here discuss development of sailfish ports for tama devices in particular Sony XZ3?11:59
T42<adampigg> speak to rinigus (re @movlako: Hi, I am new here, d...)12:00
T42<movlako> Oh I know rinigus, he is already helping me with compositor refresh rate problem solution with zgovernor. Is he also here, then it is right, thank you, sorry for disturbing12:01
rinigus@moviako: yes, I am here. although, will be able to respond or have a conversation later today. but go ahead, start and just don't expect fast reply12:04
T42<movlako> No worries, I am step by step learner, just determined to study how system behaves, and becoming a part of community later. Thank you, glad I have found this group12:12
T42<shouaccount> I am also getting this issue (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <cacti_chameleon10[m...)12:43
T42<shouaccount> but solved it by adding user to /etc/shadow13:02
rinigusThaodan: as there are no suggestions otherwise among users and based on my own testing, I will switch tama over to aosp10 base. unless you have any major objections17:16
rinigusas a part of the switch, github repos will be named hybris-9 (current master) and hybris-10; hybris-10 will become the default repo17:17
rinigus... default branch17:17
piggzlbt: ping17:45
piggzquestion about a quirk on new obs17:46
piggzwhen creating a package, its no longer possible to just enter a file name as _service, commit the empty file and edit it to populate it17:47
piggzwas kinda handy17:47
lbtyes it was - I miss that too - it was an upstream change17:48
piggzok, no prob17:54
piggzill keep an _service in ~ then17:55
lbtwell there's a trick....17:55
lbtadd file, filename _service. remote url as file:///dev/null17:56
lbtdoesn't work for /dev/sda ;)17:56
piggzlbt: what about file:///etc/shadow17:57
lbtit's very odd17:59
riniguspiggz: I use remote filename a or any char combination.18:45
piggzrinigus: yeah, i noticed that also works...18:46
rinigusfinalizing a move of tama aosp10 from tbuilder to obs18:46
riniguslet's hope that I don't have to revise all these commits in a year18:47
piggzrinigus: heh...19:08
piggzrinigus: i just found a "trigger service" button ... thats new right?19:08
piggzremoves need to useless service file edit?19:08
riniguspiggz: not sure if it is, but this time it may actually work19:08
rinigus... and I am still editing those _service files :)19:09
rinigushmm, what is the official OBS URL these days? I am still on ... should I switch repositories to
riniguslooks like not yet - doesn't really bring repos out19:23
T42<b100dian> should gst-droid's record-video work? I'm getting "droidcamsrc0:vfsrc and viewfinderbin-queue:sink failed: no common format" (Still on 0.20201104.0 for other reasons)21:55

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