Sunday, 2021-09-05

rinigusmorning! and I just managed to make the first clean install with community encryption setup. that includes startup wizard to setup /home filesystem.08:43
rinigusnow need to test more, add hwcrypt to wizard and make settings app+daemon for users to use from SFOS UI.08:44
rinigusbut it is getting there ...08:44
T42_<adampigg> Rinigus...hmmm, should i add to volla build09:46
rinigus@adampigg: at some point. let me get all working nicely on tama then it will be easy to add :)09:47
T42_<XAP2P> @birdzhang put your build of sfos, it is beautiful, you need to think about how to fix the sound and the rest10:07
rinigusI am tempted to disable "Factory reset" image in Tama. Otherwise would have to start fixing factory-reset script for LVM as home partition name will change15:24
rinigusNever used it myself and I do wonder how much is it used by others. on seine it is not there due to the lack of partition - not much complaints in forum, or maybe I missed it15:25
T42_<Jo> Jolla has skipped the factory reset image for aarch64/Xperia 10ii as well15:27
rinigus@Jo: as far as I understood, it is due to a lack of system_b partition15:27
riniguson seine = 10ii15:27
T42_<Jo> From my perspective, it is a viable option (skipping, I mean). I used factory reset once in 8 years and I might as well have reflashed the device (ok. it would have been a little more effort - but once in eight years would be acceptable)15:31
T42_<Jo> Effort is better put elsewhere15:31
T42_<Jo> Got you - i missed the Seine part of your message (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <rinigus>on seine = ...)15:36
rinigus@Jo: taking into account that users could actually add that partition to LVM as PV and extend their storage, there is even a carrot :)15:37
T42_<Jo> 👍15:40
riniguspiggz: nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings strikes again! just if you use /dev/sailfish/home_open to avoid PINgate17:11
rinigusright now my encrypted /home shows up as SD card in settings/storage with the helpful option to format it.17:12
riniguslet's try to change
rinigussure enough, fixing that comparison avoids the issue.17:43
T42_<goshawk22> I'm facing issues with the kernel checks.19:30
T42_<goshawk22> These checks fail, even when I set them in my defconfig. I fixed the other issues but I can't seem to fix these.19:30
T42_<eriki73> @goshawk22 , there was a branch of the kernel checker which fixes that. Newer kernel versions do not have that config key...19:31
T42_<goshawk22> @eriki73 Ok cool I'll have a look. Thanks!19:32
piggzrinigus:  does that fix it generally?19:35
piggzoh, ofc not19:35
piggzwe need that fixed properly ... tired of rebasing every release :D19:35
T42_<elros34> @goshawk22 you selinux changes are incorrect, follow selinux  advice from If you do not have NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QTAGUID in kernel then add '!' in scipt to make it optional19:38
T42_<goshawk22> @elros34 thanks19:39
T42_<b100dian> piggz: I think one can use obs to patch, no need to rebase20:39
piggzmal: (or anyone) .... what droidmedia version should be shipped with 4.1?21:14
malpiggz: I used 0.20210702.021:24
malpiggz: newer version require buillding a second droidmedia package (in sfos side, not the way droidmedia main package is built)21:26
piggzmal: ok, i have that ... but weird problem
malso that 0.20210702.0 is easiest21:26
malpiggz: too new gst-droid and gmp-droid21:27
piggzah, ok21:27
piggzwhat are the tags for them?21:28
malpiggz: check here what I used
piggzwill do, tomorrow :)21:28
malpiggz: gst-droid 0.20210304.0 and gmp-droid 0.221:28

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