Monday, 2021-09-06

T42_<Krishna kumar>
T42_<Krishna kumar>
T42_<TheVancedGamer> @abhishek_0 ban pls (re @🔥 РEАЛЬNЫE_СЕКC_ЗНAК0MSTBA 🔥: )03:51
piggzpoetaster: what state is your volla?07:27
poetasterah, the 'test device' is currently a volla os07:27
poetasterI had, finally managed to get the vendor image which eos asks for, did the install as per there instructions, but it never came up.07:28
piggzpoetaster: well, i converted mine back to yggdrasil/volla9 and updated to stock volla 1007:32
poetastersec. gotta boot it.07:33
poetasterI may have upgraed to volla 1007:33
poetasteryup. it is volla 10.07:35
piggzpoetaster: ok, when i have an image available, you can test07:36
poetastercool. I may need instruction (sigh). Was it sideloading over volla or fastboot flashing?07:37
easterdayis it possible to run waydroid on sailfishos?08:04
easterdayits like anbox08:04
deathmisteasterday: apparently @piggz tried but gave up for now as the OS Qt version is just too old with the project requiring some newer features now (namely XDG-shell). judging by it needs Qt 5.1208:12
easterdaywaydroid needs qt?09:31
T42_<eriki73> easterday: no, it requires specific wayland protocols to be present...09:32
T42_<eriki73> SFOS uses Qt's wayland compositor which doesn't provide them on the Qt version given...09:33
T42_<goshawk22> I got this error after following the fix for messon10:15
T42_<goshawk22> I followed this:10:17
T42_<goshawk22> Erik Inkinen, [26.08.21 17:19]10:17
T42_<goshawk22> Now, I am not able to build gst-droid: No provider of 'pkgconfig(droidmedia)' found.10:17
T42_<goshawk22> T42, [26.08.21 17:21]10:17
T42_<goshawk22> <mighty17[m]>go to hybris/mw/gst-droid folder and do git checkout 364c13e3f6b3d99a87b58beb526bd13f377ce6f410:17
T42_<goshawk22> Erik Inkinen, [26.08.21 17:22]10:17
T42_<goshawk22> [In reply to T42]10:17
T42_<goshawk22> Now it states that pulling updates fails from git... It is I guess logical but I cannot build with that...10:17
T42_<goshawk22> T42, [26.08.21 17:22]10:17
T42_<goshawk22> <mighty17[m]>no no10:17
T42_<goshawk22> T42, [26.08.21 17:23]10:17
T42_<goshawk22> <mighty17[m]>then run rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/mw/gst-droid10:17
piggz@goshawk22 gst-droid and gmp-droid are too new ... look at the logs from last night for the versions10:44
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt11:12
mighty17[m]What are you pinging me lol11:21
mighty17[m]<easterday> "waydroid needs qt?" <- Waydroid works on sfos?11:21
T42_<goshawk22> @piggz what logs?12:48
T42_<goshawk22> And how do I change the version that is built?13:01
T42_<mintphin> Hi everyone. I'm building a port for laurel_sprout using an unofficial LineageOS 17.1 base. The FAQ says "Do not disable selinux, set it to 1 from kernel cmdline and make it permissive". How would i perform this in my case?13:20
T42_<TheVancedGamer> add this to cmdline: (re @mintphin: Hi everyone. I'm bui...)13:27
T42_<TheVancedGamer> selinux=113:28
T42_<mintphin> Figured, but how would I make SELinux permissive?13:37
T42_<goshawk22> Just add permissive on cmdline, same in android rom (re @mintphin: Figured, but how wou...)13:41
T42_<mintphin> Like the word "permissive"?13:42
T42_<goshawk22> Give me a moment I will get commit13:42
T42_<mintphin> Ok. Got it. Thank you!13:43
T42_<Dirk> Wsl214:54
T42_<Dirk> Has someone managed to build sailfish in ubuntu on wsl2?14:57
T42_<edp_17> Hi all! My wifi is always changing its mac address. Therefore, it requires to enter password after every reboot. I've "developed" a dirty hack for that but I am wondering whether there is proper a workaround/fix for this issue? Thanks.15:03
T42_<XAP2P> again? oooooohhhhh (re @🔥 РEАЛЬNЫE_СЕКC_ЗНAК0MSTBA 🔥: )15:35
T42_<adampigg> @b100dian a few months ago, you had a problem where an executable would link, but the lib was there ... did you fix it?21:14
T42_<b100dian> Link? To the logs21:15
T42_<adampigg> bottom pf page21:19
T42_<b100dian> No, I don't think I did. Fortunately for me that was from xiaomi system partition if I remember correctly, switching back to lineage system was what I did21:27
T42_<adampigg> ok21:29

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