Friday, 2021-09-17

locusfwhat, no friday song?? where are your traditions people :)09:52
poetastersailfish x86 is cool. I literally collect x220/230s ;)12:37
T42_<XAP2P> oh, you about ibm thinkpad? (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <poetaster>sailfish ...)12:40
T42_<oMinimalist> How build it? (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <poetaster>sailfish ...)13:01
poetasterpiggz: good timing. I just posted about the utility of the 4.1 image on the forum. I hope that's ok?13:07
piggza tiny bit of polish is needed, which is alreayd done locally ... so i will rebuild a 4.2 image13:08
poetasterI didn't say much :0
poetasterI've just been testing my apps and building with it, and it seems stable.13:10
poetasterOh, you're already on 4.2. cool.13:11
poetasterpiggz: is there any specific testing I should do on 4.1/volla?13:43
poetasterpiggz: so far it's a bit faster for stuff like video encoding (after edits with videoworks) that the 3.4 release.13:44
piggzrinigus: any thought about actdead?  is it enough to conflict the service with actdead?19:47
piggzmal: possible to allow ssh for root, so can login when in actdead mode?19:49
riniguspiggz: looking into actdead. Compared how Jolla was setting it up with my scripts. Would probably continue tomorrow20:08
rinigushave few ideas to try :)20:18
T42_<b100dian> Soo.. I think my OBS devel just rebuilt on 4.2 - darn I was lazy, I should have taken those OTA upgrade steps 1 day earlier - but, on hindsight:21:56
T42_<b100dian> How do I tell the rebuild was made with the 4.2 version? And more importantly, does tar —numeric-owner is a good backup from twrp for stowaways?21:56
malyou can always edit the build target config in your obs project to use the version you want or add another target and configure device to use it22:17
malPSA: important information for Sailfish 4.2.0 update for everyone using old hal versions of sensorfw and geoclue hybris plugins (used on android base versions <= 7, but some might use even on newer android bases): before building new release images you need to update patterns to manually fix the package names (to geoclue-provider-hybris-hal and hybris-libsensorfw-qt5-hal) if you need hal versions23:32
malof the plugins, to check which version you are using search for the installed packages with zypper23:32
malan example of the fix
malas clarification android <=7 means hybris-14.1 or older23:43
T42_<elros34> I know it will not hurt to change it but is it really needed or only if you have both binder and hybris packages build for some reason in local repo? Both binder and hybris spec files provides geoclue-provider-hybris or there is something else which breaks it?23:47
mal@elros34 4.2.0 release includes a new adaptation-common repo (from jolla servers) which contains some binder versions of adaptation packages (ofono, nfc, sensorfw and geoclue plugins), supporting libraries such and libgbinder and related package23:55
T42_<elros34> mal: ah thanks for explanation23:56
malif patterns don't define specific package variant for those sensorfw and geoclue which provide the same name also then when building new image the installed package will be randomly selected23:56
malbecause two packages with providing same name and version are available there is no way for it to know which one it should install23:57

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