Saturday, 2021-09-18

T42_<elros34> makes sense now, I see this new repo now00:03
malafter next release we can build fewer packages in our common repo on community OBS00:04
T42_<elros34> I see qtwayland was updated to 5.6, which breaks my nested compositor but this is nice improvement. 5.6 includes support for QWaylandOutput00:11
malyes, it was updated00:36
riniguspiggz: did you realize that slava submitted to chum directly, without going through testing. so we have testing and chum out of sync.07:16
piggzrinigus: oh07:16
riniguswrote a longish response to him, but SR got accepted meanwhile :)07:16
piggzneeed to keep an eye on that07:16
rinigusI guess we will have to sync now between testing and chum07:16
rinigusas for actdead - I have POC working. now will have to make it properly07:17
piggzrinigus: whats the actdead concept ... i fixed actdead mode on volla last night, except for the ask-password .... had to inhibit the volla charging program service07:52
T42_<oMinimalist> conflicts problem07:57
riniguspiggz: as there are many services that are wishing to get /home mount, I am mounting some tmp dir to /home in actdead mode08:13
piggzrinigus: what does stock do ... surely doesnt mount /home?08:14
rinigusit doesn't. but I am not fully sure why it works there.08:14
riniguswe have a bit different set of requirements and it seems to me that such fake mount is more generic way of approaching it08:15
riniguspiggz: what was your solution? ask-passwd hints that decryption was still triggered08:16
piggzrinigus: not a solution for this, just getting actual actdead to work08:16
piggz(except for the password prompt)08:17
riniguspiggz: yeah, was there as well. ok, will continue with changes and it should be ready today08:17
rinigusI think you can assume that this part will work :) . question is whether we want to make some kind of oneshot service for people doing OTA?08:19
rinigussomething renaming home->home_open and adding config with non-encrypted /home08:19
riniguspiggz: ^08:19
piggzwhat can go wrong with ota?08:21
piggzbtw, i'll be quiet today, 5hrs driving son to university :(08:21
riniguspiggz: 5hrs is rather long distance... or is it in Paris?08:26
T42_<TheVancedGamer> 5h is nothing compared to my university's distance08:26
T42_<TheVancedGamer> I have to go to the next city08:26
piggzrinigus: 2.5 each way08:27
rinigusre OTA: users should actually flash new image. but few will make OTA and start asking why it doesn't work. some kind of wizard showing up, failing to format non-existent home_open and asking them to contact me (tama) or you (volla)08:27
riniguspiggz: 2.5 is better :)08:28
rinigusdidn't realize that you want to get back...08:28
flypigWhat's the best way for someone unfamiliar with SFOS to find the most up-to-date ports? Is there a set of good web pages to read, for example?08:51
rinigusflypig: good question - I don't think we have good up to date resource for it08:53
rinigusmaybe we should have a topic at FSO as a wiki with the list of ports in "good standing"?08:54
flypigIt would rely on people being aware of it, and keeping it up-to-date, but it would be a really useful resource.08:55
rinigusso far we have . but there are dead ports over there08:55
rinigusand indeed, it does require people updating the list08:56
rinigusflypig: maybe something pinned at ?08:57
flypigThanks, that table is really nice; does it include up-to-date info on new ports (including dead ports is unfortunate, but not the end of the world).08:57
flypigThere's no Volla, Pine, f(x)tec on there, so I guess not fully up-to-date.08:58
T42_<elros34> is also good source for some up-to-date ports. Other one is searching for droid-config-<device codename> in github08:58
T42_<elros34> droid-config-<device codename>08:59
flypigThanks T42_, how complete is that gitlab list? That's one came up for me most prominently in searches.08:59
flypigrinigus, "maybe something pinned..." > this sounds like a great idea to me. But there's a danger it fragments things further.09:00
T42_<elros34> it's up to porter to decide whether he wants to build sfos images online09:00
T42_<elros34> @oMinimalist what command did you use to build libhybris? Your prompt is missing in log09:01
flypigT42_, okay, but at least if they do it's likely to offer the latest build. Unfortunately the gitlab page isn't very inviting for someone unfamiliar to SFOS.09:01
flypigT42_, but it's certainly a nice resource. Thanks.09:02
rinigusflypig: in the case of Tama port, I dropped CI. not sure anyone else did.09:02
flypigrinigus, can I ask why?09:02
rinigusflypig: I have to make images for 6 devices (xz2 xz2c xz3; single- plus dual). at some point there was something broken and I found that it was easier to write a script building image from OBS based build on PC that fight with CI09:03
T42_<elros34> last source would be searching for device codename her and checking which releases are added to testing repo09:03
rinigusflypig: but details are fuzzy. in the end, as local script worked very well I had no reason to invest into fixing CI builds09:04
piggzi dont think id manage without CI :D09:05
piggzpro1, volla, pinephone, pinetab, latte09:05
flypigrinigus, thanks, it sounds like it was really just about extra burden. Understandable.09:05
rinigussounds like we have data fragmented already a lot. adding one more list wouldn't hurt much :)09:05
flypigrinigus, true. I'm just wondering if effort would be better spent keeping up-to-date though. It's already a nice table.09:06
T42_<elros34> @oMinimalist also do you have up-to-date droid-hal submodule?09:07
rinigusflypig: maybe. it is just in somewhat obscure place and we forget about updating it (cc piggz )09:07
T42_<oMinimalist> (re @elros34: @oMinimalist what co...)09:07
T42_<elros34> I am asking about excat command, did you use just without arguments?09:08
T42_<elros34> exact*09:08
rinigusflypig: one advantage in having it as wiki on FSO would be that users can update it. but I am not really pushing for this idea strongly, just hoping to offload documentation to users :)09:09
T42_<oMinimalist> yes , no arguments (re @elros34: I am asking about ex...)09:10
rinigusideally, we need to have some kind of quick overview which would list well-maintained ports, ports behind few releases, and abandoned ones. right now such overview is missing09:10
T42_<elros34> @oMinimalist why do you build such an old release 3.3.0? This will for sure cause some issues. Latest is
flypigrinigus, I agree, the mer wiki is probably no longer the first place people immediately think of. Right now an FSO wiki page seems like a better solution.09:10
piggzflypig: i propose you start a new wiki page ;)09:11
T42_<oMinimalist> My reference is (re @elros34: @oMinimalist why do ...)09:12
T42_<elros34> yeah yet another outdated list:) there were second list in mer wiki also, create 3th in forum...09:12
rinigusflypig: I also don't this we need such detailed table for an overview09:12
flypigpiggz, haha, you're good at this motivation thing :)09:12
riniguspiggz: I do wonder whether it is you driving ...09:13
flypigI'll talk to Ville on Monday, see if he'd be willing for it to be pinned. If not, I think it's a non-starter.09:13
flypigIf we can have it pinned, then I think it's worth trying. Just my opinion. Perhaps it's also worth discussing in the community meeting.09:15
flypigIs anyone here planning to attend the meeting on 30th and would be willing to substitute for me if I can't make it?09:16
T42_<elros34> @oMinimalist as you can see it's from 2020, sfos gets several updates since that. Hadk pdf is more up-to-date. Anyway no idea what this bp -cvi commands do internally. You can of course try to fix your error with following cmd but probably you will have more issues with such an outdated build: "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in libhybris-libEGL" then remove mesa when it ask09:18
flypig... silence ..... ;)09:19
rinigusflypig: no commitment to attend that one, sorry09:20
rinigusas for pinning - agree . it should be there. but I don't see why it wouldn't be pinned09:21
flypigrinigus, no worries re the meeting. I'm likely to be there anyway. If I'm not, and you happen to be there, feel free to pick it up!09:21
rinigusflypig: sure09:21
flypigrinigus, I'm not sure what the rules are for pinning, if there are any. I should check though.09:22
T42_<adampigg> About to set off! (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <rinigus>piggz: I do...)09:24
rinigus@adampigg: enjoy!09:24
T42_<oMinimalist> Thank you , I will try again. (re @elros34: @oMinimalist as you ...)09:24
T42_<oMinimalist> well , The problem remains. (re @elros34: @oMinimalist as you ...)09:30
T42_<oMinimalist> well , The problem remains. (re @elros34: @oMinimalist as you ...)09:31
flypigCommunity meeting topic, for info:
T42_<elros34> @oMinimalist without more details/full log from your try I can not help09:49
T42_<oMinimalist> (re @elros34: @oMinimalist without...)09:51
T42_<elros34> read last few lines, see now package name is different but like I said better build and fillow hadk pdf09:52
T42_<oMinimalist>    Has not been maintained for a long time09:54
T42_<oMinimalist> I am a newer for sfos.  I have try new sdk version this week, that's more problems.  So I follow the website , use old version do it.09:56
T42_<elros34> even with old version, will still build latest packages so you will have issues. You need to read and then update this port to latest release09:59
T42_<oMinimalist> Got it. Thank you very much. (re @elros34: even with old versio...)10:02
riniguspiggz: actdead is fixed and fix available at github13:24
rinigusPSA: After about 1.5 month development, community edition of device encryption has hit it's first tagged release - 1.0.0 was used for all packages in the project. To my knowledge, all critical bugs have been fixed and you are welcome to test on your ports. Should work for LVM-based as well as regular LineageOS based ports13:28
rinigusavailable at
poetasterrinigus: u rock.13:32
locusfwow thats nice!13:56
T42_<eugenio_g7> 🎉 congrats, great work13:57
locusfbtw is this done in initrd?13:58
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riniguslocusf: no, it is later in the boot, after on hybris devices, it needs android bits to start to be able to use android hw keystore anyway. so I could use qt for GUI as well14:24
locusfah so no full-disk encryption tomfoolery14:29
locusfgood to know though14:29
riniguslocusf: no, home only. could probably use for other bits as well (it is possible to define several mountpoints/devices), not sure which though14:31
locusfrinigus: yeah and it doesn't make much sense for hybris devices anyway (full disk encryption)14:31
locusfwould be really sweet to see something like this used as initrd gui
riniguslocusf: I don't know (and don't want to know) what is the usual length of the password that you use, but having android hw backed key generation is a "key" over here. essentially, it is impractical to pull out LUKS header from the device and crack of fast PCs.14:42
riniguswith the "plain text" passwords, such cracking could be successfult14:42
poetasterrinigus: when I've updated a build in chum:testing and am happy with it, do I do a submit request to get it into chum proper?14:49
riniguspoetaster: yes, please do so! that makes our lives with piggz  easier14:50
poetasterdo I need to specify target package sailfishos:chum/harbour-tidings ?14:50
poetaster(I finally, thanks to piggz, also have a 4.1 device with aarch64).14:51
riniguspoetaster: usually, sailfishos:chum is sufficient. packages should have the same name14:52
poetasterok, I'll give it a kick.14:57
poetasterrinigus: I think I did it incorrectly.14:59
riniguspoetaster: no, all is fine. accepted15:00
rinigusin , is missing (or hidden under latest)15:04
poetasterrinigus: okidoke. I'm stalling a bit on other apps till the meeting on the 30th.15:05
poetasterpiggz: I'm not sure if it isn't jolla, but TLS connections fail (IMAP) on 4.1 with the jolla mail app.15:12
poetasterpiggz: I'm wondering if I should stick to 3.4 for daily driver or try to debug15:13
poetasterpiggz: Fixed the mail app. It seems repeat config, reboot, rinse repeat works.15:24
xmnDoes anyone kown why the latest sailfish sfos_upgrade should be install emmc only? piggz?15:37
xmnknow* ... lol15:38
poetasterxmn: I'm just looking at it, but don't see what you mean by emmc only?15:42
xmn"The latest build of #SailfishOS for the @thepine64 #pinephone is def our best ever. Latest 4.2, encryption, browser and smooth setup. Note, flash to emmc only!"15:43
xmnI should have mention I was talking about pinephone15:43
piggzxmn: because the flash=-it script will create a 3rd partition for home ...which will happen on SD. .... but the scripts for mounting it assume it is on the emmc16:50
xmnah, that make sense. probably also for encryption too no?16:50
xmnthanks for the info16:51
poetasterxmn: ah, got ya.16:51
piggzxmn: yes, if you have another OS on emmc, that also happened to create a 3rd partition, it will happily encrypt that fr you, so be aware :D16:51
xmnheh, cool16:57
xmnwil need to see how I can override that, since I've been using sailfish as a sdcard install only OS. But perhaps down the road, no time yet16:59
poetasterpiggz: just noted after switching sim and memory card back to the 3.4 volla (and back again) that the 4.1 build only ever shows 2G network.17:08
piggzxmn: its easy, edit the file in /etc/sailfish-community-device-encrytion/*.ini17:09
xmnooh! Thx piggz. This will be very useful.17:15
piggzrinigus: updated volla to 1.0.0 ... when boot should be actdead, which was working somewhat, its now USER17:51
piggzno time to debug tonight17:51
riniguspiggz: update would miss changes. you would have to reset config.ini. new config.ini made by the wizard includes few changes and additional service17:53
piggzok, lets try17:53
rinigusbut having USER boot instead is odd - ACT_DEAD is expected. unless it rebooted for some reason?17:53
rinigus(started working on tama bump to 4.2)17:53
piggzrinigus: its weird ... phone HW def thought it was in charging mode, becuase when i unplugged USB, it turned off instantly .... yet it booted to liptick17:55
piggzi checked the bootreason, and it was USB as expected17:56
rinigusobviously after removing config.ini you would have to boot into regular OS. that should start wizard and all the next steps...17:56
rinigusas for UBS/USER - no clue :(17:56
piggzok, gone through wizrd...17:57
piggzok, this boot, no lipstick, and no ask-pass-gui ... but also no charge animation18:03
riniguspiggz I wonder if some older config remains stayed behind... Maybe tgz of etc/systemd/system?18:21
rinigusBut we can do it tomorrow as well18:21
rinigusmal: looks like libgbinder-radio is not updated in to version18:30
rinigusas a result, ofono-ril-binder-plugin cannot be updated18:31
rinigustesting looks to be fine18:33
T42_<elros34> I guess updated version can be in adaptation-common repo now18:34
rinigus@elros34: which adaptation-common? I must have missed it... do you have url?18:36
T42_<elros34> it's easy to miss it in all these adaptation repos: adaptation-common           ...
rinigus@elros34: if we build at OBS, we need it to have there the package as well. just seems most are building in :testing and not working in :devel first18:38
rinigusI better wait for mal reply ... he may have not had time to update devel version18:39
T42_<elros34> yeah but ofono-ril-binder-plugin is also in adaptation-common so only if you need bleeding edge version18:39
rinigus@elros34: I see. maybe then I do need to drop it...18:42
rinigus... from my build18:42
rinigusbut anyway, devel:common should be probably updated18:42
T42_<elros34> I am not sure:
T42_<TechTino> hiya guys. ive been trying to port sailfish to my galaxy s9. im getting: I have read that this is about lineage os and soong but doesnt seem to be making much sense18:46
T42_<XAP2P> Wow :
malrinigus: hmm18:57
malrinigus: looks like I forgot to update it in devel common, I did update it in testing common18:59
malrinigus: fixed now19:00
mal@elros34 that new adaptation-common only helps after we have updated to 4.2.0 not during update19:02
T42_<elros34> ah obviously that is right point19:03
mal@TechTino have you applied the hybris patches is mentioned in faq not sure which android base you are using19:08
T42_<TechTino> yeah. i just realised though that ive been trying to build 17.1 with hybris 16 synced so lol.19:09
T42_<TechTino> ill try it the correct way and then we'll see19:10
mal16.1 is fine also just follow instructions for it19:11
maldepends on which version you really want to use19:11
T42_<TechTino> yeah. see i had 17.1 branches of stuff specified in my manifest but had the hadk for 1619:11
malnot sure if I understand, what did you use for repo init19:17
T42_<TechTino> repo init -u git:// -b hybris-16.0, i did this, when i should have done repo init -u git:// -b hybris-17.1 as i have pointed to lineage 17.1 branches in manifest. all good tho im syncing now on 17.119:25
T42_<TechTino> error: in sync --fetch-submodules: revision refs/heads/lineage-17.1 in LineageOS/android_art not found, this keeps happening, i even went in and changed the revision to lineage-17.1 and it didnt work either20:06
rinigusmal: thank you very much!21:15
T42_<TechTino> rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal is taking forever, and isnt using any cpu whatsoever.22:29
T42_<TechTino> any way to see verbose?22:30
T42_<b100dian> mal: since the build passed and am no calculated person, I made the tar —numeric-owner backup and upgraded. Nothing bad happened - other than jolla-camera breaking - so I don't know if this kind of backup is good. I am now upgrading the gst-droid. All through the browser click-click thanks lbt :)22:30
T42_<b100dian> camera works with upgrade-4.2.0 branch, I don't see five cameras (only one) though. piggz-o-vision works though. Happy evening:)22:34
mal@b100dian do you mean in advanced-camera you see the extra cameras?23:23
mal@TechTino which package is it building?23:23
T42_<TechTino> droid-hal23:23
malah, droid-hal it should not take very long23:23
T42_<TechTino> i think its hanging23:24
maljust kill it and try again23:24
T42_<TechTino> this is what i get. seems fine right? b4 i was getting some weird gpg errors from sb2 though but that was b4 i ran breakfast and built stuff again23:27
T42_<b100dian> mal: were there in 4.1, though not correctly mapped in advanced-camera. For jolla camera anything other than gst-droid I shoild upgrade?23:27
T42_<TechTino> or should i go fix the warnings23:28
mal@TechTino I think the issue is that it can't find any ueventd*.rc files in the folder it is trying to look at in out/
T42_<TechTino> i dont have a vendor folder hmm23:30
mal@TechTino maybe try running "make modules" and look for anything uevent and fstab related in the output23:31
T42_<TechTino> nope, neither of those in the output23:32
mal@b100dian jolla-camera needs configs for extra cameras in 4.2.0
T42_<TechTino> i think my issue is that i dont have a vendor folder built, but idk why23:34
mal@TechTino hmm, maybe then look for such files in device repos under device/ and copy those manually to correct places, check the Android.bp or files in device in folder where you find the files or in higher level folders23:34
T42_<TechTino> could it be bcs its common vendor files and not for the specific codename23:34
mal@TechTino vendor folder in not always needed, did you look at those files in all of out/target/product/* ? maybe try "find out/target -name '*uevent*'"23:35
T42_<TechTino> for fstab: out/target/product/starlte/obj/ROOT/hybris-boot_intermediates/initramfs/etc/fstab23:37
T42_<TechTino> out/target/product/starlte/obj/ROOT/hybris-recovery_intermediates/initramfs/etc/fstab23:37
malhow about "find device -name '*uevent*'"23:40
T42_<TechTino> device/qcom/sepolicy-legacy-um/vendor/common/ueventd.te23:41
T42_<TechTino> device/qcom/sepolicy-legacy/common/ueventd.te23:41
T42_<TechTino> device/qcom/sepolicy/generic/vendor/common/ueventd.te23:41
T42_<TechTino> device/qcom/sepolicy/legacy/vendor/common/ueventd.te23:41
T42_<TechTino> oh interesting none for my device appear23:41
maltry to grep for that in your device repo23:43
T42_<TechTino> i dont seem to see it hm23:50
T42_<b100dian> mal: that's a short jolla-camera-hw.txt :) the order is from droid-camres? I'll experiment but that tool outputs > 10 cameras here:)23:51
T42_<TechTino> only files relating to sepolicy and .te files, no ueventd hm23:52
mal@b100dian droid-camres is obsolete since 4.2.023:53
mal@TechTino go to device/samsung/universal9810-common and try running "git revert 2a210ce7fb59ed39c3d7424ab6112c5849b8eade"23:53
T42_<b100dian> I've added labels a,b,c,d,e and i only see c, d, e and another dozen of unlabeled cameras (not seeing a,b,c because of lacking scroll) -  just as I remembered from droid-camres. I will look into this tomorrow - I did have access through 'e' to the 5x tele camera so .. :)23:55
T42_<b100dian> not seeing a, b I mean23:55
malhow can it report that many cameras?23:55
T42_<b100dian> definitely not expected, but wasn't a problem before23:55
T42_<b100dian> i'll get back to this, but surely is interesting, there should be max. 523:56
malsomething is then wrong in configuration, does logcat show anything about listing available cameras23:56
malgetting debug output from gst-droid would also help23:57
mal@b100dian wondering if that is the first multi-camera community port? or has there been any other device23:57
T42_<b100dian> will grep tomorrow - my camera logcat is pushing thousands of lines per second.23:57
T42_<b100dian> I don't know, was hoping to see 5 of them of course.23:58
malyeah, logcat needs some grep magic to get the needed information23:58
T42_<b100dian> no way to screenshot in the camera app:)23:59

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