Wednesday, 2021-09-29

piggzmal: multiple camera support .... on pro1, its claiming 4 cameras, butim sure there are only 3!19:43
malpiggz: hmm, what does dump-camera-parameters tell for the devices?19:46
piggzmal: here ... im just trying to work out why video recording crashes on advcam when cameraid == 019:52
malpiggz: I meant for the non-existent camera19:52
malah, that had it also19:52
malpiggz: do you mean 3 camera total or 3 back cameras?19:54
malit's possible the extra camera is some virtual camera combined from two other cameras19:55
piggzmal: 3 total, 1 front 2 back19:55
piggzyeah, maybe19:55
malx10 II reports 6 cameras in certain cases but not that far, in android logs i can see 619:55
piggzmal: do you have issues in adv-cam if you try and record from some of them?19:56
malI mean those are not reported to gst-droid level because we use camera1 api and that doesn't report those19:57
piggzi can record ok on camera 1 (front) and camera 3 (rear) ... im just not sure how to limit the UI to those only19:59
piggzon the x10 which report wide angle, they apparently work as cameras 0,1,219:59
piggzmal: i wonder if the only viable fix would be a way to disable certain cameras from the UI.....20:08
piggzalthough, now I need to know why jolla-cam knows which cameras to use20:09
malpiggz: you mean in jolla-camera it shows only correct cams?20:10
piggzmal: jolla-cam just has front/back toggle20:14
piggzso must know to use id 1/320:14
malpiggz: ah, you haven't configured jolla-camera for multi-camera support20:18
malwithout config it takes first back camera and then first front camera20:18
piggzmal: how does it know the direction?20:20
malandroid side reports it20:21
piggzis it in qtmm?20:21
malvia gst-droid to qtmm20:22
piggzmal: wondering what to do in adv-cam20:24
piggzi think in this regard, ui to disable non-working cameras will be ok20:24
malcheck logcat for any hints what it reports20:31

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