Thursday, 2021-09-30

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poetasterpiggz: volla questions here?08:52
poetasterI've been dealing with odd network stuff, and otherwise haven't had many issues with 4.108:53
poetasterI could take the second device and try to do an ota 4.1 then 4.2.08:54
flypigHow to turn on dark mode...?08:54
poetasterflypig: one app at a time?08:55
flypigHaha, sorry, was talking about the forum, and in the wrong place. So sorry.08:56
piggzpoetaster: it would be ideal if you could follow normal user process .... use ubports to flash volla 9, ota to volla 10, then flash sailfish08:56
poetasterok. I have to admit, I'm a bit afraid of leaving my arm 32 3.4 behind. nothing for it, but to.08:57
poetasterOk. I'll see if I can get to it today. Did you manage to rescue some data?08:59
poetasterso, just for info: on 4.1 whisperfish is not working properly, hackernews has network issues. so far 4.x is basically a step backward, except for the webbrowser.09:00
piggzpoetaster: i think i know what he did wrong ... he used ubports installer after upgrade to volla 10, which installssome 9 files etc ... which is never going to work out well09:01
poetasterah. got it.09:02
poetastervolla is on the verge of updating that if I understood correctly.09:02
piggzpoetaster: i fixed the guys issue installing properly11:13
poetasterok, so, it was an incorrect steps error?11:15
poetasterI'm thinking of doing the upgrade anyway to see if it fixes issues with 4.111:15
poetasterpiggz: I'd like to do a 4.1 to 4.2 ota. can I zyp that? In the main, 4.1 has thrown my stride.13:37
poetasterpiggz: then i could also, perhaps, make some progress debugging 1. whisperfish 2.13:37
poetaster3. Fishtheke13:38
piggzpoetaster: no, new flash for ner partition names and encryption13:55
piggzpoetaster: rene coomplained of whisperfish crash too13:55
poetasterpiggz: ok. no problem. I had hoped to go all in on 4.x, but it's turning out to be a bit painful13:58
poetasterpiggz: so I'm flatten my 4.1 install and bring it up to 4.2?13:58
piggzpoetaster: yep, and i promise no mre flattening14:02
poetasterpiggz: it's ok. there is a lot going on at the moment.14:03
poetasterpiggz: an rinigus is pushing the gas pedal :)14:03
poetasterOn the up side, I managed to get two people (out of 9, sigh) to update for 4.2 and even push to chum. yeah!14:04
flypigIs there a port of SFOS for the OnePlus 6T? I see the OnePlus 6 on the wiki, but maybe that's quite different?
malflypig: what is the codename of 6T?20:24
malflypig: the github project has branches for both 6 and 6t20:26
flypigmal, thank you, I hadn't noticed that. The latest release is Rokua; is it likely to safely update to the latest from the repos do you think?20:35
malwhat version was rokua :D20:44
malhmm, might need some adjusting20:46
flypigOkay, thanks, that's a shame, but good to know.21:09
malflypig: it's just a guess if it needs changes or not21:16
malat least the systemd service paths might need updating21:16
flypigOkay, thanks for clarifying. It's tricky. I'm asking on behalf of someone with Linux, but no SF experience, so if it results in a broken phone, that's not such a great first-impression.21:23

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