Friday, 2021-10-01

T42<RealDanct12> 24GB seems to be the least amount while sitll being able to do things (re @astroanax: How much RAM is reco...)06:22
T42<RealDanct12> compiling lineage 16 on it takes around 2 hours06:44
piggznew phone day :)08:51
T42<edp_17> What did you get? :)08:52
T42<adampigg> this is very rugged ... def what i need looking at the screen on my pro1!!09:16
poetasteradampigg: got 4.2 installed. skipped the luks setup and noted that the home partition wasn't mounted.09:52
poetasteradampigg: presumably /home now lives in the / root partition?09:53
poetasteradampigg: never mind, went through boot and hit 'No' instead of developer and it seems to be fine.09:59
piggzpoetaster: yeah, dont just skip mounting  :D10:02
poetasterpiggz: I really shouldn't do that ;) All's well. Reboot and go.10:06
riniguspoetaster and piggz : I wonder if we need to write something SCARY to keep users away from developer options.10:46
riniguspiggz: so, what's the new toy? (did telegram eat your message with it?)10:47
piggzrinigus: yes, loks like it didnt forward here...10:53
piggzi do love how in kde dolpin, its just a right click > share > imgur
poetasterrinigus: yeah, I think you're right that it should be a bit more explicit. maybe with a bloody axe motive.10:54
piggzthe VollaX is a hefty piece of phone ... nicely ruggedized, hopefully save me breaking it:D10:56
poetasterpiggz: ah, so you went for the 290GX? I was thinking about it, but have to concentrate on kid birthdays :)10:58
piggzpoetaster: gifted as a dev unit ... i dont buy phones :D10:59
riniguspiggz: looks like it continues Mediatek legacy. at least it will keep you on the toes10:59
poetasterpiggz: as it should be :)10:59
piggzrinigus: its almost identical to volla regular ... just different kernel build, so port should be straightforward11:00
poetasterpiggz: I was guessing it's very much a GX290 being very much a GS290?11:00
poetasterpiggz: ok different kernel different.11:00
riniguspiggz: that's good! let's hope it is true11:02
piggzrinigus: @notkit says so, so should be fine11:02
piggzweird how they went for a lower screen res11:03
poetasterpiggz: also less disk? 32 GB?11:03
poetasterre: imgur,
piggzrinigus: ive had a bunch of PRs merged for advanced-camera, so next ver will be via chum11:04
poetasterpiggz, rinigus: a number of people are responding to pings!11:04
poetasteryou mentioned share > imgur, I posted a link, in chum, to the newly compiled imgur app :)11:05
riniguspiggz: excellent! great migration to chum11:05
poetasterwalokra was one of the people I've contacted in the last week to get aarch64 builds.11:06
piggzpoetaster: ah11:07
piggzrinigus: how does advanced-cam work for you on tama? what cameras are detected? do they all work ok?11:07
riniguspiggz: better than stock in my opinion. all 2 cameras are detected (one front and one back).11:08
piggzrinigus: ah, a classic simple setup :D11:08
riniguspiggz: for feedback on cameras, see
rinigusonly issue seems to be switching between cameras, that I can reproduce11:09
rinigus(for adv camera)11:09
piggzproblem with advanced cam is that multiple rear cameras are assumed to be wide, not the case in pro1, plus, on pro1, there is some virtual camera that doesnt exist, and some cant be used for recording11:09
poetasterpiggz: let me know what you'd like tested on 4.2 volla. I'm just doing tests to compare 4.1 vs. 4.211:11
piggzpoetaster: nothing specific ... im pretty sure everything works, so if you find an issue, pls log it on github11:11
piggzthis project
poetasterrinigus: this a hack (pure maps spec) s/QtPositioning 5.3/QtPositioning 5.4/g11:27
riniguspoetaster: ?11:32
poetasterrinigus: it's a question why you sed replace 5.3/5.4 for QT positioning.11:33
riniguspoetaster: as 5.3 is not allowed in jolla store11:34
poetasterrinigus: thanks11:34
poetasterrinigus: for licenses that permit, when I don't get feedback (say 30days +) should I add projects from a fork or the original github repos?15:26
poetasterrinigus: I mean for chum, of course.15:27
riniguspoetaster: that's your call, I think. if you need to change something then it would have to be fork15:54
poetasterrinigus: I'm looking at the projects that would 'just work' (tm) first. low hanging fruit. Bang for buck.15:59
poetasterrinigus: clear I have to fork if there's a change, but I barely have the time.15:59
riniguspoetaster: good idea!16:02
poetasterrinigus: there are a number of contenders where the software is worth it and the license says go.16:02
poetasterrinigus: pure-maps, where is the distribution of appropriate QML files dealt with?16:03
poetasterimport "platform"16:05
poetasterrinigus: never mind, I found it.16:11
riniguspoetaster: I just have to be slow enough with replying, so you can find it yourself16:29
poetasterrinigus: yeah, I was staring at the forest, not seeing the trees :)16:30
poetasterrinigus: btw, the simple BuildRequires then copy to {app}/lib method works fine for getting into store.16:30
poetasterrinigus: I just hope that the library finally winds up in 'allowed'. the meeting this week gives me some hope.16:31
poetasterrinigus: sorry, blah, blah. I'm waiting for someone at work and they're always late on a friday.16:31
poetasterah, finally!16:32
poetasterrinigus: someone is trying to build 4.2 for oneplus3t via gitlab ci. is that possible at the moment?16:34
riniguspoetaster: I don't use CI for images16:37
rinigusSo, no idea16:37
poetasterrinigus: thanks.16:38
poetastermal, piggz:
poetasterrinigus: my fave pure-maps ticket
T42<elros34> not really, repo is broken and latest droid-config built is from master.20190329053252.d3ec44a-1.26.13.jolla.armv7hl.rpm16:40
malpoetaster: what is the error?16:46
malpoetaster: when have you updated .ks the last time?16:47
mallooks like 3 years old16:47
malway too old16:47
malupdate that and try again16:48
poetastermal: I'm helping a third party. URLGrabber error:
malRELEASE is missing16:48
poetastermal: it's usually set via env script, or?16:48
malyes, no idea how it's done in ci, I have never used that16:48
poetastermal: ah, k. it's a question for piggz, then.16:49
malstill also .ks should be updated16:50
poetastermal: I'm passing it on, thanks.16:51
malpoetaster: but the obs project is quite broken for that device also16:53
poetastermal: ah, ok, it's probably too old16:53
piggzi dont think the forum is the best place for porter support16:54
poetasterpiggz: I just told them that.16:54
poetasterand why I'm trying to help is anyone's guess.16:54
poetasterI'm tired and I'm avoiding some really, really boring day job stuff ... done. sigh.16:56
poetasterpiggz: so 4.2 is  stable. All my stuff works.  Network is stable, bluetooth seems fine, location foo, etc. But the newer browser won't render one of my fave websites and hackernews (SailHN) is borked. The annoyances are like, you know, acts of god like.17:01
poetasterpiggz: nice porting dude.17:01
poetasterpiggz, rinigus: does the luks home crypto screen come with every boot?17:03
riniguspoetaster: the one with entry of your password? or setup wizard?17:03
poetasterrinigus: I think it's the setup wizard.17:04
poetasterrinigus: sec, I'll reboot.17:05
poetastertoo many phones.17:05
poetasterrinigus: ok, nope. once you've said no it does not recur.17:06
poetasterpiggz: I'm not getting a sim pin challenge. But I've only tried one sim.17:06
poetasterpiggz: ok, it's odd. no pin challenge and the connection works anyway. never seen that before.17:08

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