Sunday, 2021-10-17

T42<Melissa> Make money every 48 hours @Amandachapmanfx04:20
T42<Melissa> Here is her channel 🔗04:20
T42<TheVancedGamer> Oh no you don't (re @Melissa: Make money every 48 ...)04:23
rinigusThaodan : I'm happy to get focus working and camera not crashing. Never checked hdr. Do we have support for it in sfos?06:18
rinigusHow would I check it?06:19
T42<Verevka86> Wow 😍06:26
T42<A_T_R> [   25.807482] droid-hal-init: Command 'write /run/ofono/ril.ecclist1 ${ril.ecclist1}' action=ril.ecclist1=* (/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/ecclist.rc:11) took 0ms and failed: cannot expand '${ril.ecclist1}'07:04
T42<A_T_R> How to fix mobile data ...can't enable it , which is greyed out :
Thaodanrinigus: If the device reports support it there is a small button next to the flash icon to set the exposure filters10:56
mal@A_T_R what do you see in logs when you try to enable mobile data? maybe you need dummy_netd11:44
T42<XAP2P> woooow, really waiting (re @Verevka86: Wow 😍11:47
T42<XAP2P> https://github...)11:47
malPSA: DO NOT use hybris-18.1 branch, it is far from working12:14
T42<Verevka86> We understand, we are looking forward to 😊12:47
T42<A_T_R> This ?14:01
T42<A_T_R> rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw= (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>@A_T_R what do ...)14:01
Thaodanyes exactly14:01
T42<ruspartisan> What does dummy_netd do?14:02
Thaodanpretend there is a netd so the android services we need to have running are happy14:04
T42<ruspartisan> interesting... i have a qemu image, made from pinephone, that has access to the internet (i can ping and wget and zypper whatever i want via ssh) but browsers like webcat behave like there's no internet, can it be a dummy_netd issue?14:06
malif you see something like this in journal or logcat then you need dummy_netd: "Unexpected data call status 4100"14:09
rinigusThaodan: nope, no exposure filters on tama 4.214:25
T42<ruspartisan> no such messages in journal (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>if you see some...)14:32
T42<elros34> pinephone is not android based port14:32
T42<ruspartisan> yes. it's probably the reason I managed to make it work in qemu (re @elros34: pinephone is not and...)14:33
T42<ruspartisan> yes. it's probably the reason I managed to make it work in qemu (android isn't friendly with qemu at all) (edited) (re @elros34: pinephone is not and...)14:34
T42<A_T_R> @mal - no logs related with dummy_netd in journal and logcat14:43
T42<A_T_R> this is created by symlinking?15:10
kquote03[m]<T42> "<elros34> full output from..." <- Alright. I *just* saw your message about commenting out default.prop, but before that I set every setting the hybris kernel config script and now the kernel won't build. Last time the kernel was building fine because I only enabled anything not labelled 'optional'. F2FS my guess seems to be the issue15:11
T42<elros34> @A_T_R no, symlink is installed together with package, did you install rpm?15:12
T42<A_T_R> which rpm?15:13
T42<elros34> dummy_netd15:13
T42<elros34> kquote03[m] yeah there is really not need to enable all network file systems, they are purely optional and not needed to get sfos working15:13
T42<A_T_R> it is already at /hybris/mw/dummy_netd so i guess it is installed by image15:14
T42<elros34> then it's not. Package is installed if something require it15:14
T42<elros34> ok then. The fact that you have package in mw or droid-local repo doesn't mean it's installed in image15:16
T42<A_T_R> i didn't installed dummy_netd15:18
T42<A_T_R> rpm15:18
T42<elros34> Decide then, what systemctl status dummy_netd.service shows?15:20
T42<A_T_R> systemctl status dummy_netd.service15:21
T42<elros34> good so it is installed15:23
T42<elros34> do not show videos, show what logs say when you try to enable or on startup15:27
T42<A_T_R> sorry.15:30
T42<A_T_R> journalctl :
T42<elros34> it's full of keymaster messages, you need to try to get rid off it and get gull log15:37
T42<A_T_R> internet working-15:44
Thaodanrinigus: for Xperia 10 II exposure filters work so maybe there is something wrong/not configured on tama/kumano16:33
malThaodan: which ones do you mean?16:41
Thaodanhdr and so on16:42
T42<A_T_R> what is 'TOH' in hw-settings.ini  ?17:05
kquote03[m]mv: cannot stat 'RPMS.saved/*.rpm': No such file or directory17:05
kquote03[m]<T42> "<elros34> kquote03 comment out..." <- THANK YOU.17:05
kquote03[m]^ so it can be indexed by search engines if someone had the same problem17:06
rinigusThaodan: could be that something is missing in configs. if we would know how it is reporting HDR in android we could check, hopefully. tbh, I don't have any idea regarding it.17:08
riniguswhat I have seen is that piggz camera effects don't work on tama17:09
riniguslightning adjustments work though17:11
mal@A_T_R TOH is the "the other half" which was a feature of jolla 1 phone, not relevant for any other devices17:20
T42<A_T_R> ok thanks17:21
kquote03[m]Welp, didnt get too far17:33
kquote03[m]now I'm getting a `'pkgconfig(droidmedia)' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.` error (full log hadk/hybris/mw/gst-droid.log
maltoo new droidmedia17:49
malcheck the versions here
Thaodanrinigus: no config for jolla camera is needed except camera labels for multi camera17:58
Thaodansupported exposure filters are taken from Qt multimedia17:58
maljust a note that many of the other camera features are broken on devices using android 8 or newer base18:00
Thaodanbecause of different camera hal?18:01
malyes, old camera api seems broken at least on qcom devices, camera2 would work but is not supported in droidmedia18:03
ThaodanHm I wonder why Seine has working exposure filters while tama and kumano have not18:04
malexposure should work but white-balance is not working18:05
malanything in logcat?18:05
kquote03[m]<mal> "check the versions here http://..." <- thank you18:08
ThaodanCamera2-Parameters: Error finding static metadata entry 'android.distortionCorrection.availableModes' (1b0001)18:09
Thaodan maybe its that?18:09
malthat seems normal, I remember seeing that on some other device(s)18:10
kquote03[m]Trying to build rootfs, FINALLY18:15
kquote03[m]`Warning[10/17 18:14:22] : repo problem: nothing provides libngf-qt5-qtfeedback needed by patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-a5y17lte-1-202110171707.aarch64`18:15
kquote03[m]oh nvm18:15
kquote03[m]im blind18:15
kquote03[m]or wait no, yeah, why doesn't it have that package>?18:16
Thaodanmal: hm something else there that looks wrong?18:16
kquote03[m]commented out the dependency in my pattern for now as it seems only for vibrator motor.18:22
ThaodanYou have to build it manually18:23
kquote03[m]Ah I see, so it's device specific? Anyways seems to be low priority18:24
malThaodan: nothing obvious in the log18:24
Thaodanmal: To bad. Could it be Camera API 1 vs later?18:32
ThaodanMy device has Camera API 2.4.18:32
Thaodankquote03[m]:it's not device specific but not included right now, you can build it and use like in later versions18:33
kquote03[m]Ah, thanks for the clarification.18:37
kquote03[m]I'm now flashing via twrp, and it cant mount the data partition (it is in use), do i need a microsd to flash sailfish?18:37
Thaodannever used twrp with sfos18:38
Thaodanif you made your port like Sony devices you use fastboot to flash18:38
Thaodanmal: Hm seine has far less spam when starting camera18:39
T42<elros34> kquote03[m] most likely /data is already mounted so you only see warning18:41
kquote03[m]well anyways i unmounted /data and used adb sideload18:42
kquote03[m]the warning seems to go away18:42
kquote03[m]nvm adb sideload fails when running installation step18:44
malThaodan: could be different blobs18:57
malThaodan: do not confuse hal version with camera api version18:57
Thaodanmal: I guess since tama is sdm845 and kumano is sdm855/sdm815019:00
ThaodanYeah I confused camera api and hal version19:00
malthe way we do camera doesn't really care about camera hal version19:01
Thaodanwhat do you mean exactly?19:01
malI mean we use the higher level camera api (which has versions 1 and 2) and that internally uses camera hal but our code doesn't see the hal19:02
kquote03[m]Generally, how can I see logs for a bootlooping system without UART? (loops every 10 seconds)19:13
T42<elros34> First by getting host dmesg. Did you follow all advices from notes you got?19:15
kquote03[m]T42: Yes. dmesg shows nothing.19:16
kquote03[m]I don't think it's booting the kernel19:17
T42<elros34> that suggest you do not do everything required like skip_initramfs changes or env befor making kernel19:17
kquote03[m]T42: you mean reverting  init/initramfs.c ?19:19
T42<elros34> yes19:20
kquote03[m]I'll give that a try19:20
kquote03[m]tho btw, hybris-recovery gives the same issue19:20
T42<elros34> sure it does, skip_initramfs prevents loading any intramfs19:21
T42<vsvoid> I need some help, I have an error while porting sailfish on perseus19:44
T42<vsvoid> define droid_target_aarch64 in your .spec19:44
kquote03[m]<T42> "<elros34> sure it does, skip_ini..." <- I've reversed the patches by hand. Unfortunately the same behaviour19:45
T42<elros34> use abootimg -i hybris-boot.img  or some other tool to confirm that your image contains initramfs19:47
kquote03[m]T42: Sorry, this is my first time using this tool. does this output look right ?19:50
kquote03[m]it literally says 0mb right there19:51
kquote03[m]yeah i dont got initramfs19:51
T42<elros34> as you can see its not correct: ramdisk size      = 20 bytes (0.00 MB). Read agan hadk-faq hybris-17 section19:51
kquote03[m]Applying the environment variable?19:52
T42<elros34> yeah19:52
kquote03[m]already did19:52
T42<elros34> do you have error about missing cpio in make output?19:52
kquote03[m]Lemme check19:53
kquote03[m]`cp: bad 'out/target/product/a5y17lte/boot.img.lok': No such file or directory` well I have this error but im not sure it's related19:54
kquote03[m]`/bin/bash: cpio: command not found`19:55
kquote03[m]fix is simple19:56
kquote03[m]but i must admit19:56
kquote03[m]i do feel dumb19:56
kquote03[m]alright now ramdisk size in 0.96 mb19:57
kquote03[m]alright, now it's stuck on the boot logo, but im very happy. ` rndis_host 1-1:1.0 eth0: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:14.0-1, RNDIS device, 00:00:00:00:00:00`20:00
kquote03[m]tho btw, another set of thanks for baring with my ignorance.20:00
T42<elros34> it's not that easy to notice cpio error in make output, that ubuntu image is quite new also20:01
kquote03[m]yea, i had to change the root user's password to use apt on the image i have20:03
ThaodanI suggest the way of porting, using lvm and skipping android recovery all together20:21
kquote03[m]<Thaodan> "I suggest the" <- Actually there is a guy working on a lk2nd port for the same phone. I'll try to contact him first to see how that went because I feel that this is ultimately the best solution20:34
kquote03[m]Anyways, I finally used telnet for something other than that ascii starwars thing20:35
kquote03[m]the phone is currently stuck on its bootlogo20:36
kquote03[m]I want to try and run the GUI to see what happens, but I don't think that's available on the 'debug init system'20:36
kquote03[m]here's /init.log
T42<elros34> looks like wrong fixup-mountpoints20:44
kquote03[m]yea you did warn me about that earlier. i'll look into it tmw, ill hit the hay now. Thanks for your help, today I finally felt progress20:45
mint[m]hey what's the fix for `sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?`?22:46
malwhat are you trying to do and in which environment?22:48
mint[m]i was trying to create the $ANDROID_ROOT directory from HABUILD_SDK22:51
T42<elros34> mal: it's new ubuntu. It has not working sudo and missing cpio22:51
mint[m]but this happened:22:51
mint[m]wait sorry22:52
mint[m]HABUILD_SDK [laurel_sprout] mint@ralsei:~$ sudo mkdir -p $ANDROID_ROOT22:52
mint[m]sudo: unable to resolve host ralsei: Name or service not known22:52
mint[m]sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?22:52
mint[m]there we go22:52
mint[m]host distro is solus22:52
ThaodanDon't do multiline pastes in IRC, use a paste service.22:56
mint[m]aight, thank you for reminding me!22:59
mint[m]fixed it! i'm gonna put up a message for everyone else who is looking for the solution the issue23:01
mint[m]If you're trying to use sudo inside HABUILD_SDK and you're met with this error `sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?`, append `[USERNAME]:*:18779:0:99999:7:::` to /etc/shadow from outside the SDK. For example, if you're using the default path for the SDK, edit /sdks/ubuntu/etc/shadow.23:04
Thaodanthat sounds pretty dangerous don't do  that23:07
mint[m]It was recommended by Shou, but I gave the more in-detail explanation23:08
ThaodanI understand its just pasting something into /etc/shadow without context what it is is dangerous23:10
mint[m]It worked for me at least.23:18
mint[m]Like I could understand if you're pasting a long shell command but this is pretty transparent on what you're changing. A user can guess that it's giving you the necessary permissions. It's not like by appending one line to a file I'm enabling remote access to a computer and stealing sensitive information.23:21
mint[m]I'm sharing what worked for me so if anyone else has the same issue they can fix it with my workaround.23:22
mint[m]Besides, these changes are being done inside a chroot. Not the host system itself.23:24
T42<elros34> do not forget to install cpio, it's missing on new ubuntu image23:24
mint[m]Thank you for the tip!23:25

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