Monday, 2021-12-27

voidanix[m]is this the right place to ask about fingerprint support on ports? :D14:05
malvoidanix[m]: there is the community fingerprint support made by piggz
T42<rodrisola> @elros34 ,,15:12
T42<rodrisola> @ elros34, this was the only way I can mount the dynamic partitions, because when I created the system.mount, I got invalid arguments, so what do you think?15:12
voidanix[m]@mal i'm assuming that means i need to open an issue there15:12
T42<rodrisola> thaodan:
Thaodanrodrisola: are you building that in the source tree with hybris patches?15:16
T42<rodrisola> yes15:17
ThaodanYou have to have a separate clean android source tree to build droid-system15:19
T42<rodrisola> this
ThaodanI mean when you build android for the droid-system package, the source tree should not have hybris-patches ( applied.15:20
T42<rodrisola> of course clone again, from the hybris-18.1-update and download my files from the device, of course in a new folder15:21
T42<rodrisola> if they were applied from the hybris-18.1 branch15:25
T42<rodrisola> hybris-patches/ --mb ??15:29
ThaodanDon't apply hybris patches in that tree15:48
T42<elros34> @rodrisola I am afraid this might be too late: For initial testing I suggest you to use /usr/bin/droid/ script and mount all partitions there (dynamic and  regular) instead using systemd services/mount units. Also I think
Thaodan@elros34: Is there a benefit over not packaging droid-system?16:10
T42<elros34> we always mount system, vendor and other partitions on ports, there is really only few ports which do not follow regular HADK pdf and package /system. For benefits: its easy to just mount it, you do not waste space because duplicated super partition and packaged system, vendor, product and system_ext.16:15
T42<elros34> but it's up to @rodrisola what he prefers to   do, both way will works after all16:16
ThaodanIt doesn't waste space of system and friends is unused since they can be added to the lvm to add more space similar to how super partitions work16:19
T42<elros34> ok but lvm it's another thing which you need to configure and there is no single word about it in HADK pdf. For inexperienced porter it's not easy.16:21
ThaodanYou can take the instructions from one of the official ports, but yes its not mentioned in hadk.16:23
T42<rodrisola> Ok , after16:43
T42<rodrisola> Mount in system_root, I create a symbolic link from system to system_root / system, why can't one folder be mounted in another, can I? (re @elros34: @rodrisola I am afra...)16:43
Thaodansystem root is /16:45
Thaodanall files from that should be in /16:45
T42<elros34> sure you can mount -o bind dir1 to dir216:45
ThaodanHe can't build droid-system in the same tree as hybris-hal either. All files from the android root / go to hybris-hal as straggler files.16:47
Thaodanthe /system folder is either mounted as /system or package.16:48
T42<rodrisola> thaodan: friend, you gave me the steps to create a system file, but in the guide it says that I have to apply patches, you ask me if I apply patches and then you tell me that I should not apply patches, that confuses me. (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>He can't bu...)16:54
Thaodanrodrisola: For hybris-hal patches are applied16:54
Thaodanrodrisola: For hybris-hal hybris-patches are applied16:55
ThaodanFor droid-system none are applied unless they are fixes for android16:55

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