Tuesday, 2021-12-28

T42<rodrisola> one a question, to exec this   touch /init_enter_debug206:17
T42<rodrisola> after reboot my device, this not connect to telnet, not ip06:17
T42<rodrisola> no dhcp service06:17
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voidanix[m]@rodrisola have you tried does dmesg/journalctl on the host show anything about the device?13:26
T42<AntonlX> how to mount binderfs for sailfishos?14:23
T42<rodrisola> @elros34 i have mounted system vendor &system_ext on the device15:04
T42<rodrisola> https://pastebin.com/PLL9fZ4S this dmesg log15:05
T42<rodrisola> journalctl https://pastebin.com/JceBqfhC15:06
ThaodanUpload full log files and don't use pastebin please15:34
T42<rodrisola> I already have system, system_ext and vendor mounted, of course system is mounted in system_root / system as you told me (mount or bind / system_root / system / system)15:37
T42<rodrisola> ok15:37
T42<rodrisola> thaodan, Can you see it, if I send it by telegram, or do I use a storage service?15:38
T42<rodrisola> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FuUZ2gJxxR_KUVQnMSSwlAh2_NuJ3qEp/view?usp=sharing15:45
Thaodanyes telegram works16:48
T42<elros34> @rodrisola your journal is too short, use "--no-page" argument, also  include output of 'findmnt' command18:46
Mister_Magisterdid you mean --no-pager?19:12
Thaodanthat or just pipe to cat19:14
T42<elros34> --no-page/--no-pager bothh works19:18
ThaodanThe samsung sec_ts driver confuses me, there's is a mainline samsung ts driver but apparently some trees use an out of tree/downstream driver19:19
ThaodanThe source is usually just copied after some points and there's like zero upstream history19:19
voidanix[m]huh? i see no mainline sec_ts driver19:37
ThaodanI'm not exactly sure but that looks similar: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/input/touchscreen/Kconfig#L46719:47
ThaodanIn any case an upstream source would be nice, with msm you at least have codeaurora19:47
voidanix[m]the 2 samsung touchscreens in mainline are completely different drivers22:25
voidanix[m]interestingly enough i think i've found a google device with the driver, maybe there is some hope as to finding the driver online22:25
ThaodanWhich google device?22:33
ThaodanI tried to disable the log spam from the driver. The driver use dev_* macros however for some reason they don't respect the kernel log level.22:33
Thaodan[root@Xperia1 defaultuser]# cat /proc/sys/kernel/printk22:34
Thaodan4       4       1       422:34
voidanix[m]it's the pixel 6 i think: https://github.com/mvaisakh/pixel6/tree/12/drivers/google/touch/sec_ts22:48
voidanix[m]the galaxy s20 also seems to have it but found 3 (somewhat different) drivers, maybe the published code is only the one w/ vendor modifications22:49
voidanix[m]u mean the `dev_*` things in the input_dbg and input_info macros?22:50
voidanix[m]Thaodan: this looks clearly different from mainline: https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel/blob/aosp/LA.UM.7.1.r1/include/linux/device.h#L135223:00
voidanix[m]mainline reference: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/include/linux/dev_printk.h#L14923:01

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