Saturday, 2022-01-22

T42_<rodrisola> @elros34 / # echo ON > /dev/wlan00:33
T42_<rodrisola> sh: write error: Invalid argument00:33
T42_<rodrisola> / #00:33
T42_<elros34> did you change anything wlan related in kernel?00:36
T42_<rodrisola> no, I just added in the config that it starts as a module,03:27
T42_<LSolrac> Hello. I'm trying to follow the HADK guide, and I'm currently on page 13. Regarding the Android base; should it the same version as the device's latest stock rom? (ie Android 9 should then use AOSP 9) or can it be based on a version of Lineage? My Device (Samsung Galaxy S9+, star2lte) was left around Android 10, but there is official Lineage 17 (if Im not mistaken) and unoffiical Lineage 1807:13
T42_<edp_17> Hi @LSolrac and welcome.07:47
T42_<edp_17> I've used Lineage bases on my ports and for the S9 I would chose Los17 if I were you. (The android base doesn't have to be as the latest stock rom.) (re @LSolrac: Hello. I'm trying to...)07:47
T42_<A_T_R> could  you please point me to that  guide ? (re @adampigg: See the guide... The...)08:38
T42_<elros34> @rodrisola maybe it's already on? Have you tried touch /dev/wcnss_wlan, ifconfig -a or disable then enable it just to see if that command gives you same error?09:53
T42_<LSolrac> Thank you!! Oh, were you able to boot successfully on your end? (re @edp_17: Hi @LSolrac and welc...)10:03
T42_<edp_17> Yes, all ports where I am using lineage bases (not sure but I think all of them are unofficial lineage builds) do boot successfully and sfos works more or less fine. (re @LSolrac: Thank you!! Oh, were...)11:08
T42_<AntonlX> This is my evdev_trace output:
T42_<AntonlX> How to enable ffmemless vibro?13:14
T42_<b100dian> What have you tried already? Native, droid, ffmemless dont work for you?13:41
T42_<b100dian> FF_CONSTANT FF_CUSTOM maybe try this branch with ffmemless
T42_<rodrisola> @elros34  not exist wcnss14:50
T42_<rodrisola> Mmmm14:50
T42_<rodrisola> checking the dmesg of another colleague, I see that the device firmware does not load for me14:51
T42_<AntonlX> I want to use ffmemless backend for vibro and ask does my drivers in kernel should works with ffmemless and qt5 plugin for it. (re @b100dian: What have you tried ...)14:59
T42_<AntonlX> My config
T42_<AntonlX> My kernel drivers:
T42_<AntonlX> And droid hal:
T42_<AntonlX> Why vibro not working and how to trace it?15:00
T42_<rodrisola> What is you lineage bade (re @AntonlX: I want to use ffmeml...)15:47
T42_<rodrisola> Base15:47
T42_<A_T_R> I am getting this from waydroid log (009645) [13:59:37] Failed to get service waydroidplatform, trying again...15:55
T42_<A_T_R> waydroid on sailfish os15:55
T42_<A_T_R> Android vibration service is disabled in Sailfish and needs to be enabled for Waydroid16:02
T42_<A_T_R> How to vibration service enable for waydroid16:02
T42_<A_T_R> Android vibration service is disabled in Sailfish and needs to be enabled for Waydroid16:02
T42_<A_T_R> How to enable vibration service for waydroid (edited)16:02
T42_<AntonlX> 18.1 (re @rodrisola: What is you lineage ...)16:17
T42_<rodrisola> a question, why do you use the ld.config.29.txt, what will solve it?16:18
T42_<rodrisola> a question, why do you use the ld.config.29.txt, what will solve it? (re @AntonlX: 18.1)16:18
T42_<AntonlX> 29 was ok for me but now I've upgraded to 30 (re @rodrisola: a question, why do y...)16:20
T42_<rodrisola> but that you solve this ld.config?16:21
T42_<AntonlX> Where I did find it? (re @rodrisola: but that you solve t...)16:22
T42_<rodrisola> no, what solved you, I mean after putting that file, what started to work? (re @AntonlX: Where I did find it?)16:23
T42_<AntonlX> Nothing, same as 29 ld config (re @rodrisola: no, what solved you,...)16:25
HengYe[m]can lineage 18.1 be used as base? in i see some hybris-18.1 branches17:18
maldepends on the device, some have issues, some work17:20
HengYe[m]and lineage 17 is in the HADK so it should work better or no?17:21
malyes, it's easier17:21
T42_<rodrisola> Thaodan: hello, my problem is not loading firmware for the wifi17:22
T42_<rodrisola> is problem of the kernel?17:26
T42_<rodrisola> As you work on the kernel, I saw your repositories, I would like to know your opinion?17:58
T42_<b100dian> @AntonlX your kernel driver seems to only accept CONSTANT or PERIODIC effects with CUSTOM config. Please try, along with your ffmemless settings, my ngfd branch20:29
T42_<b100dian> If that works for e.g. pulley menus, you might want to expand that to Qt by using Requires: libngf-qt5-qtfeedback in droid-config20:30
T42_<LSolrac> I assume the device must be in Lineage 17 then; not just the vendor image? (re @edp_17: Yes, all ports where...)22:38

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