Saturday, 2022-01-29

T42_<BenKerry> Hiiii i have a Redmi Note 10 Pro. Can anyone port latest SailfishOS for me for this device please ? :)01:52
T42_<AntonlX> I have sound everywhere exept sound in calls. How I can trace call app?02:06
T42_<elros34> @AntonlX it's definitely not about call app, something in low layer. First tell which hybris version, the whether you still have any errors in logs08:02
deathmist@AntonlX and link droid-config repo, also make sure you don't have any unpushed local changes there10:02
T42_<AntonlX> deathmist, My actual droid-configs (re @elros34: @AntonlX it's defini...)13:02
T42_<AntonlX> boot logcat:
T42_<AntonlX> Logcat after two calls:
T42_<elros34> so hybris-18? According to thaodan, audio in calls is still WIP13:39
T42_<edp_17> It happens on some of my ports too (hybris14.1 and 12.1) as the rest works fine I never bothered to find out why. Although, if this is an indication of a bug, I am also interested. (re @A_T_R: )15:15
malwhat issue are you talking about?15:20
T42_<edp_17> mal: about what @A_T_R has asked and uploaded a video: 'Screen goes off for a few seconds for the first boot'.15:28
T42_<AntonlX> Yes hybris-18, so there is no way to get audio in calls? I thought that official supported sony ports works with Android 11? (re @elros34: so hybris-18? Accord...)15:56
T42_<elros34> I do not follow sony supported devices but It hink they are android < 1115:57
T42_<AntonlX> Thaodan, where is sound call failed?16:06
malfull audio support is still work in progress for android 11 base16:37
Thaodanas said multiple times already ^^16:43
Thaodanaudio routing is complicated, it's like black magic :D16:44
b100dianvoidanix[m]: Hi17:21
voidanix[m]hi u :D17:21
b100dianCan you share your changes on what exactly did you print in the ngfd from copy and copy->request?17:22
b100dianmaybe a gist where you paste the difff, or a branch17:23
voidanix[m]just added some `N_WARNING (LOG_CAT ...);` around the values really17:24
voidanix[m]sure will push on github in a branch then17:24
b100dianyes, but the values where what, just the pointers of the entire ffm_effect_data struct or the customEffectId member?17:25
voidanix[m]kinda both I'd say17:31
b100dianand customEffectId was also negative? I will try your patch, thanks17:33
voidanix[m]not sure but iirc it gave a proper value like 4217:34
voidanix[m]it gives 5 when moving a pulley and 2 when pressing buttons on the lock screen, the effects should be correct17:37
b100dianvoidanix[m]: yes, that doesn't explain "predefined effect 2416 is NOT supported" from kernel17:44
T42_<BenKerry> Hiiii i have a Redmi Note 10 Pro. Can anyone port latest SailfishOS for me for this device please ? :)19:04

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