Sunday, 2022-01-30

deathmistcould get a .md5 like SDK 3.6.6 (SFOS 4.2.0)?01:39
Wikiwide Mister_Magister, piggz: Google Drive link doesn't work, could somebody share a working link, please? I do have Sailfish 3.2 somewhere on my laptop, but it would be more convenient to download 3.3 directly? If it is available... Otherwise, I would have to stumble around release updates, and that could brick my04:09
T42_<xdfce> No one ,good luck04:26
T42_<xdfce> (re @BenKerry: Hiiii i have a Redmi...)04:26
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deathmistmal: am I missing something or does one have to 'echo a | --mw' to avoid the prompt when building all MW packages?10:08
maldeathmist: it seems it might actually always ask once10:16
malmaybe there should be some --quiet option to silently build all10:17
deathmistmal: or --yes / -y? I don't mind what it's called really, I can me the PR though10:17
malyeah, there are different options for the name, not sure which one is best10:19
malI think both yes and quiet are used in different programs, not sure which one is more common, I somehow feel quiet would be more commonly used10:21
deathmistmal: :)10:41
maldeathmist: one possible issue, now that might be position dependent, I mean in here it sets that variable so if the options are in wrong order --quiet does nothing?10:48
malmaybe you need to check somehow in that --mw if the variable was already set10:49
deathmistmal: pushed fix for that, it should work but I'll also test locally soon12:26
ThaodanIMHO if you just want to build all it shouldn't ask just build all or pass a specific option.13:45
ThaodanQuiet doesn't really fit since there's still output13:46
deathmistThaodan: this is useful for scripting purposes where I'd like to run stuff potentially in the middle of the steps, and I definitely have to do that already to e.g. install droid-config after it's build so that droid-hal-version and droidmedia builds don't fail14:01
deathmistand I can change the option to --yes as I already proposed earlier14:02
deathmistI'm tired of having to maintain a droid-hal-device submodule fork just to make the build pass in one go... so I will not do that anymore14:02
deathmistThaodan: also what should I print as the unclean tree error in I'd just like it to finally be considered to be merged14:13
deathmistalso also what should be done about do I drop libhybris so it's still a manual step you have to find in FAQ and do before building HAL?14:27
b100dianvoidanix[m]: for some reason, adding this logging/side effect changes kernel output for me
voidanix[m]b100dian: could you elaborate a bit on "changes kernel output"?18:11
T42_<b100dian> I dont have effectId different than say, 5 or 2 on my xiaomi ffmemless driver18:32
T42_<b100dian> Sounds like a compiler optimisation voidanix[m]18:33
T42_<b100dian> Can you add that commit and test if it changes your output with cached effects?18:33
voidanix[m]will do18:41
voidanix[m]b100dian: vibration now magically works with CACHE_EFFECTS... wot18:54
voidanix[m]`value of data` was printed only a few times, now it only prints `data again` now18:58
T42_<b100dian> Nice! Still have no explanation why the compiler optimizes that out without logging, but we're on to something here!19:02
ThaodanI would ask Jusa or mal to review your PR before any optimisations are done that change later after review comments19:14
T42_<b100dian> There was a bug in that custom_data initialization is 'optimised out' by the compiler, and the 'fix' currently as revealed that was.. adding logging. So not the PR adding optimisations.. The compiler removing code.19:18
ThaodanI know but e.g. if you add comments about why that bug occurs the logging might be redundant. My point is that comments might add change requests.19:22
T42_<b100dian> Ah, I see. I will track down the cause nonetheless, but this is a step forward, knowing that it is optimised code. Logging should not be the final solution.19:25
T42_<HengYeDev> I am facing this problem with my port: lineage-17 base works without audio, lineage-18 works with audio as it accounts for a hardware revision. should i try to backport the audio fix or use hybris-18.119:41
ThaodanHengYeDev: depends on the fix, if the fix is small backport but if its biger wait for Android 11 being fully working20:48

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