Sunday, 2022-07-17

lbtFYI there is something up with a machine that handles the NAT for the OBS. I am trying things to fix it but it's hard to know when it's resilved as it's sporadic.11:17
lbtif anyone has connectivity issues then just mention it here and highlight me. ty11:18
T42<nephros> lbt: can not connect to obs since a couple of hours...18:48
malit's having issues18:58
piggzlbt: feel free to notify mal when he will be able to create a project for me ;)19:01
T42<nephros> mal: i realize that but lbt said to holler if someone noticed - at least that is how I read the last message.19:59
mal@nephros try (normally this url should not be used but ends up to same place)20:03
T42<nephros> Brilliant, thanks. osc doesn't like it yet, but web works.20:21

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