Thursday, 2022-08-04

nncvThaodan when you're done with a build of the Xperia 1 II, could you please write my name in chat and telling me this so that I could look in the logs? Thanks!16:22
T42<Marcel> hello I have a question, have any of you tried to port a sailfish on xperia L1?17:31
Thaodannncv: Sure18:10
T42<nephros> OBS acting up again today? Gettibg lots of slowness/timeouts.20:14
maluse url20:20
ThaodanOn another note lbt recently fixed webhooks when doing copyprj.20:22
Thaodanthere was a chance that webhook ran for two packages at the same time.20:23
T42<nephros> mal: yes doing that but it's a bit of a hassle to have duplicate local checkouts, one for each domain.20:27
T42<nephros> Maybe Ill just stick with the merproject one for good.20:27
malyes, it's annoying20:44

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