Wednesday, 2022-08-03

mint[m]<T42> "<nixgoat> maybe it's my network,..." <- so it turns out the issue was with the URL provided with HADK. replacing the git:// suffix with https:// fixed it.11:27
mint[m]i have another issue now when building but i can't show it rn because i'll be studying and i'm not taking my laptop with me11:28
mint[m]or to be more precise i'll be at school11:29
T42<Umeaman> I've wondered why hybris just can't meld with the running system since if you have root access confirmed you should be able to easier transform from Android to SFOS after next reboot.12:20
T42<Umeaman> AOSP is supposed to be open source as well.12:20
T42<Umeaman> Is there an easy way to explain why the technology hasn't come to a working solution yet if the power is truly with the user.12:21
T42<Umeaman> Is there an easy way to explain why the technology hasn't come to a working solution yet if the power is truly with the user? (edited)12:21
voidanix[m]@nixgoat do NOT use fedora as host for building!12:52
voidanix[m]Will result in unbootable builds due to fedora's and SFOS selinux clashing12:53
mint[m]<voidanix[m]> "@nixgoat do NOT use fedora as..." <- don't worry. after solving the issue with repo and github i went back to using the ubuntu chroot.13:57
voidanix[m]if you have the ubuntu chroot inside a fedora host you will still have that problem13:58
mint[m]yikes! this is a huge setback then because this is my daily driver distro.13:59
mint[m]could setting selinux as permissive fix it?13:59
voidanix[m]no because what happens is that fedora labels stuff with its contexts on top of SFOS's files14:04
mint[m]yikes, then i guess i can't do it, at least for now. a shame really.14:05
voidanix[m]yea i had to spin up a vm with a non-selinux distro to realise what was happening14:05
voidanix[m]both centos and fedora had the same issue14:06
mint[m]welp, thanks for the help! saved me quite a few hours14:06
ThaodanThe issue is selinux needs to be disabled in the chroot or at least ignore the android labels being applied.14:37
ThaodanIf you build droid-hal that shouldn't matter I think.14:38
Thaodan@Umeaman: Android has a permissive license which means that yes AOSP is open but anything is based on might not.14:39
ThaodanThis results in your vendor potentially patching AOSP and not releasing changes.14:39
piggz_Thaodan: mal: abr: how might I go about trying volte on a new port?16:22
Thaodanpiggz: Which vendor?16:22
piggz_Thaodan: qcom snapdragon 662 - similar soc to an xperia i think16:23
Thaodanpiggz_: I assume the existing plugins should work however those are not avialable publicly outside of Xperia 10 II/Xperia 10 III repos.16:29
ThaodanDoes your port list volte interfaces over binder?16:29
Thaodanbinder-list | grep Radio16:30
piggz_Thaodan: what do they contain?16:33
Thaodanthe idea radio interface required for volte.16:34
ThaodanIMS being the most important one16:34
Thaodanyeah that should work16:35
malthe modem firmware stuff might be different depending on device though16:36
piggzcould we get those packages to try? is access to them restricted?16:39
piggzi guess the closest match would be the 10-ii, with its 665 soc16:44
Thaodanmodem firmware is the same or very similar across devices of the same generation.16:51
ThaodanXperia 1 has very similar as seine 10-ii for example.16:51
Thaodanabout packages: I would ask at a community meeting, I can't share more than what I know my self and were allowed to test publicly.16:53
T42<adampigg> That..or ask a user publically in the fanclub to post them  😂17:00
ThaodanCan't comment on that one..17:07
T42<adampigg> ;)17:09
T42<Umeaman> I'm having trouble finding somewhere since I cannot browse Nokius server anymore and web archive doesn't help me either.17:10

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