Tuesday, 2022-12-27

T42<Umeaman> Has anyone ever considered putting the HADK on weblate for translation? Just curious.05:04
T42<edp_17> @Umeaman : Because all the help porters can get from other porters are mainly in English and also as English is the main language of IT, I don't think translating the HADK to different languages would be beneficial.08:33
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UmeaboyThe command     /msg chanserv set #sailfishos-porters-sv guard on isn't working even though the channel is registrered and I'm OP.22:46
UmeaboyFixed it.22:55
UmeaboyI'd like to use the sfbootstrap script that JamiKettunen made for Lineage 19.1 if hybris-19.1 exist somewhere. I mean...... Android 12 has been released for some time now which should mean that there's a hybris branch for Android 11.23:29
UmeaboyAm I wrong?23:30
UmeaboyI can use hybris-18.1, but would it be possible to downgrade from Lineage 19.1 to Lineage 123:30
Umeaboy8.1 without getting a bricked device?23:31

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