Wednesday, 2022-12-28

deathmist1Umeaboy: until has a hybris-19 branch my script isn't outdated, if you want to port SFOS you simply need to downgrade for now or start doing the work required to build a minimized Android 12 version for hybris and then booting it, getting drivers working with new API changes etc.00:24
deathmist1though on the other hand I've also not looked at it for a long time so I wouldn't be surprised if it's broken now. been rather busy with Volla and Ubuntu Touch stuff lately00:25
Umeaboydeathmist1: OK.01:48
UmeaboyWhat extra repos do I need for my phone? It would be nice to know which ones to fork and which ones to delete.01:49
UmeaboyI'm checking in the file atm.01:49
UmeaboyI know those are for OnePlus 5/5T, but there has to be some repos for Samsung phones as well.01:49
UmeaboyI guess I should delete line 2 to 5.01:52
deathmist1Umeaboy: don't just copy my stuff, documents basically all of the variables you may or may not need to touch. the whole thing has an interactive port creation process too, you should already be familiar with HADK and where to find repos before you use my script02:03
deathmist1since the script hasn't been updated for nearly a year I wouldn't be surprised if it's simply broken now as I already mentioned02:04
deathmist1I do want to get back to it one day, but I feel like there needs to be a separation of the device ports and the script itself similar to what happened with pmbootstrap and pmaports eventually on postmarketOS02:06

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