Thursday, 2022-12-29

T42<Umeaman> The structure for the mer-hybris repo when it comes to branches is somewhat confusing. When we're told to init the hybris-18.1 branch it fails to fully sync due to some unfixed issues and then we have the hybris-18.1-update branch, but that isn't mentioned in the HADK.08:42
T42<Umeaman> Is that made on purpose?08:43
T42<Umeaman> I also found 2 other errors in the HADK.08:43
T42<Umeaman> Change git to https in the repo init command and the mkdir ~/bin is missing in the AOSP instructions on how to install the repo command.08:50
malwhat is the issue with hybris-18.1 branch09:05
Umeaboymal: Here's the output from syncing. It seems like the commits aren't fixed:
maldo not use --fetch-submodules with hybris-18.119:55
Umeaboymal: Perhaps that should be added as a sidenote to the HADK then.20:02
ThaodanIt's not related to HADK but Android, there are some submodules that are broken in that release20:45
UmeaboyThaodan: Yeah, but some people that also reads the HADK might miss that depending on what hybris branch they use.21:00
UmeaboyPlus....... The git init command to initialise the hybris branch should be changed from git to https.21:01
UmeaboyIt won't start to sync otherwise.21:01
UmeaboyI fail to find the right vendor repo for beyond2lte that's up-to-date.23:05
Umeaboywhatawurst's is not up-to-date.23:05
malwhat't wrong with themuppets?23:07
Umeaboymal: They deleted all older branches.23:08
UmeaboyThey only use for lineage-20.0 now.23:09
UmeaboyI'm syncing whatawurst vendor repo unless you have a better idea.23:10
malreally ? that contains beyond2lte in there23:10
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmm. Guess I mixed up with a repo that only had a lineage-2.0 branch in it.23:27
Umeaboylineage-20.0 I mean.23:28
UmeaboyIt's getting late.23:28

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