Friday, 2023-10-20

jplexerWhat is the newest supported LineageOS version? The Guide says 17.1 but I have some trouble finding a source for a 17.1 build for my device (although I know there are some)14:22
mal18.1 and 20.0 are also supported, latter doesn't have everything merged yet but possible to port14:25
jplexeralright thanks!14:31
jplexerI cannot find a hybris-20.0 branch, what do I use instead15:22
T42<rosettanongrata> 18.1 is stable, why not use that15:26
jplexerBecause it was said earlier that 20.0 is also supported which is why I just went with that15:28
malhmm, maybe I forgot to push the 20.0 manifest, I need to rebase the patches anyway15:36
jplexerWell on the patches repo it is there. I am talking about the mer-hybris/android repo15:36
jplexerSorry I should have clarified15:36
jplexerI'll just use 18.1 though, I found a build15:45
malI understood what you mean, I just meant that I should rebase the patches in addition to pushing the manifest15:46
maland also need to push the needed changes to hybris-boot etc15:47

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