Saturday, 2023-10-21

CaffeineHi, I have a phone on Android 13 that I'd like to port, is this possible currently or is android 13 not supported yet.06:32
voidanix[m]Caffeine: android 13 base support is still in the works, but a port seems possible AFAIU10:18
voidanix[m]probably not the place to ask this, but do you guys know if wpa3 support would require support from android side as well?10:22
voidanix[m]or would bumping wpa_supplicant suffice?10:23
voidanix[m](kernel would have to support SAE ofc)10:23
T42<F1a5H> any pixel devices have a port?10:24
CaffeineI had been working on a port for the Pixel XL (first gen)10:48
CaffeineI took a break from that one lol, I'm still trying to get that to work.10:49
CaffeineI ran into some issues that I wasn't able to solve in the end, and I ended up running out of time :(10:49
malCaffeine: which issues did you have?12:09
CaffeineI genuinely cannot remember lmfao12:11
CaffeineIts been what? Since July now12:11
CaffeineI started in May, had a break, returned in July12:11
CaffeineAnother break12:11
CaffeineI think it had something to do with a mount12:11
CaffeineIt was something to do with droid-hal-init12:15
T42<rosettanongrata> @F1a5H pixel 4 was working when I worked on it, in April. "everything but call audio"13:04
malah, so it was one of those devices with the call audio issue13:11
T42<rosettanongrata> yeah, I still have it. maybe in the future I'll start over. moreover, I have aliendalvik lying around somewhere; I extracted several rpm from my father’s xperia back in May. but I won’t install it without your help, I remember that some versions of the libraries did not match with mine13:17
T42<F1a5H> i have 4a14:04
T42<edp_17> My Moto G7 Power (ocean) port also impacted with that audio in calls and  system sounds do not work. Although, music has sound via BT. If there is any idea to fix it, please let me know. (re @rosettanongrata: @F1a5H pixel 4 was w...)22:29
T42<F1a5H> yours?22:30
T42<F1a5H> i recall some other guy doing G7 sailfish22:30
T42<F1a5H> was a few years ago tho, maybe you did newer?22:32
mal@edp_17 also system sounds?22:32
malthat seems odd22:32
T42<F1a5H> maybe due to modules and using prebuilt audio22:34
T42<F1a5H> link dt used22:34
T42<F1a5H> i created g7 group, might know how to find some help with it if its a non sailfish issue22:36
T42<edp_17> Mal: yes. Calls and system sounds do not work. Not even music. However, music works via BT but system sounds & calls do not.22:50
T42<edp_17> Yes. Last year I ported sfos 4.4 and 4.5 for that device (with Los 17.1 android base) (re @F1a5H: yours?)22:53
T42<F1a5H> what kernel used?22:54
T42<F1a5H> might need to use kernel with inlined kernel modules22:54
T42<F1a5H> might need to use kernel with inlined kernel modules , maybe issue is with kernel (edited)22:54
mal@edp_17 does the device use any kernel modules for audio?22:55
malI mean that are loaded not builtin22:55
mal@edp_17 is pulseaudio droid module loading successfully?22:56
T42<edp_17> I used this kernel:22:57
T42<F1a5H> i know they had issues with audio and used prebuilt audio at some point22:57
T42<edp_17> Mal : I can't remember but we checked the logs back in that time and everything looked okay.22:59
T42<edp_17> Next wekk I'll pull it out from my drawer and find some time to check the kernel modules. Thanks for the hint.23:00
T42<F1a5H> ig it maybe inlined23:00
T42<F1a5H> but believe some blobs were from prebuilt audio stock or such23:01
T42<F1a5H> might be able to get syberhexen to help23:01
T42<F1a5H> or erfan23:01
T42<F1a5H> did you use common trees?23:02
T42<F1a5H> this maybe fix here23:03
T42<F1a5H> this maybe fix here, check if these files exist on your sailfish (edited)23:03
T42<F1a5H> 23:04
T42<F1a5H> heres another audio related commit, check if these exist too23:04
mal@edp_17 I didn't see any audio modules in your defconfig23:04
T42<F1a5H> they may be all in techpack, going off of OCEAN_DTB23:05
T42<F1a5H> might be from prebuilt audio as i mentioned tho23:05
malyeah, those are just usual blobs23:11
T42<F1a5H> Check this if you havent found it already, this is the guy who i was talking about originally had done sailfish port (re @edp_17: Mal : I can't rememb...)23:34
T42<F1a5H> Check this if you havent found it already, this is the guy who i was talking about originally had done sailfish port23:36
T42<F1a5H> this is his github (edited) (re @edp_17: Mal : I can't rememb...)23:36

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