Sunday, 2023-10-22

T42<F1a5H> Forwarded from marcost22: yeah, tfa + internal02:21
T42<F1a5H> Forwarded from marcost22: either he's not powering up the amp (shouldn't be possible, iirc moto hardcodes the powerup as part of probe) or he's messing some path up02:21
T42<edp_17> Thank you guys! I'll try/check all you recommended.08:15
T42<Mister_Magister> lol moto g7 (re @F1a5H:
T42<Mister_Magister> g2 just had it's 8th anniversary of sfos support10:07
simonschmeissergood evening, is there a way to switch sdk from using virtualbox to docker?18:20
simonschmeisserI have stuff for camera2 compiled using virtualbox backend but now I would like to try to follow the gecko esr 91 tutorial and docker is recommended18:20
malsimonschmeisser: which sdk are you using?18:28
malah, I think docker is only the sdk not platform sdk18:29
malI always build thing in platform sdk18:29
simonschmeisserdroidmedia for camera2 was build using platform sdk, yes18:30
simonschmeisserbut for gecko I think I need the other sdk?18:30
malI have been building gecko using platform sdk18:31
simonschmeisserthe crash in gst-inspect seems to be independent of camera220:10
simonschmeisser does not have issues enabled unfortunately20:14
simonschmeisserit crashes when trying to print out this gproperty:
simonschmeisserI reverted to camera1 and noticed that colors in sf-browser are inverted while they are correct in sf-camera20:33
simonschmeisserfennec (via android app support) has the correct colors w/ camera120:38

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