Wednesday, 2023-12-06

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T42_<smells_like_owl> Hello everyone!19:32
T42_<smells_like_owl> Im trying to build hybris-16.0 based port for Dreamlte (Galaxy s8)19:32
T42_<smells_like_owl> Successfully followed all step, yet device is in bootlooping each minute without even playing bootanimation or so.19:32
T42_<smells_like_owl> i checked whether /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log exists (it doesnt)19:32
T42_<smells_like_owl> So, i ran abootimg -i hybris-boot.img as suggested by hadk-hot, output is here:
T42_<smells_like_owl> Apparently, it does not contain valid initramfs19:32
T42_<smells_like_owl> So, could anyone please advise what to do next?19:32
T42_<elros34> did you check dmesg on host?19:44
T42_<elros34> initrootfs looks fine (0.96 MB)19:45
T42_<Pachof> Hello, I want to make a request to make a Sailfish Port updated for Redmi Note 8, please.19:49
T42_<Pachof> The truth is that I've been looking for an updated Port for about 4 months and I couldn't even complicate it, I gave up on compiling it but suddenly someone who knows how to port it can explain to me how to do it Port it So I can compile it, or directly give me an updated Sailfish OS for my cell phone19:55
T42_<Mister_Magister> make it yourself lol19:57
T42_<elros34> try to understand that nobody will give you updated port. This is NOT peace of cake 1 day job. Sometimes it takes few releases to fix some critical bugs19:59
T42_<Pachof> okay19:59
T42_<Mister_Magister> and you need to have device in the first place19:59
T42_<Mister_Magister> and not everyone on the planet does have that specific device20:00
voidanix[m]btw @elros34, i still have that no touch at decryption screen issue20:12
voidanix[m]was able to get proper logs:
voidanix[m]notice that the panel *does* register touches, but the UI is totally not reacting20:13
T42_<Pachof> One question, then how could I make some packages in obs from another owner, so that I can know the source code and create an updated version of the obs packages? With that It would make it easier for me to make a CI and modify it until it is useful20:13
malyou mean branching an existing package?20:15
malor what do you mean?20:15
T42_<Pachof> It would be making a branch but I don't know how to handle obs, I know how to handle github well20:16
T42_<Pachof> It is so that when you can update a package from obs to the latest version to do a Port through ci20:17
T42_<elros34> I guess you want to update old sfos port from 4.3 or something to latest 4.5? Then you don't need OBS. When you will have working port then you can worry about OBS20:18
T42_<Pachof> Well, the old Port works but it could be updated to 4.4 or 4.5 and for that I could think first about obs and then correct problems that I encountered when creating the ci20:23
T42_<Pachof> Or is there a way to update a Port without updating packages like droid Hal ginkgo?20:25
maldepends on how old the droid-hal packages are20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> Those are only strings before disconnects from TWRP20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32341.733979] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:24:31.991 P0 SRC20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32356.742119] usb usb2-port1: config error20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32403.173278] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:25:07.152 P0 SNK (not charging) Charger ??? 5000mV max 5000mV / 500mA20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32403.173704] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:25:07.165 P0 SNK (not charging) Charger ??? 5000mV max 5000mV / 1500mA20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32403.174133] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:25:07.313 P0 SNK (not charging) DRP ??? 5000mV max 5000mV / 1500mA20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32403.174565] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:25:07.411 P0 SNK (not charging) DRP ??? 5000mV max 5000mV / 500mA20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32403.176276] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:25:07.413 P0 Disconnected20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [32403.176700] PDLOG 2023/12/06 20:25:40.699 P0 SRC (re @elros34: did you check dmesg ...)20:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> After** (re @smells_like_owl: Those are only strin...)20:27
T42_<elros34> OBS is just place where you can build packages and put them in repository. Everything you do on OBS you can do also in your pc/sdk so personally I wouldn't worry about OBS20:27
T42_<elros34> so really something is wrong in hybris-boot.img. Can you show your kernel changes?20:28
T42_<Pachof> The problem is that my computer disk is damaged.20:29
maldoesn't 1 minute boot loop suggest usb setup fails in init?20:29
T42_<elros34> yes20:30
T42_<elros34> definitely could be20:30
T42_<Pachof> The bootloop is 30 seconds20:30
T42_<elros34> that was to owsl^20:31
T42_<Pachof> Or would it be better to update the packages as a step, that is, from 4.3 to 4.4 and then to 4.5? In case there is something, I leave you the obs repository that I would like to update20:33
T42_<smells_like_owl> Elros:
T42_<smells_like_owl> Changes are the latest lines in file (re @elros34: so really something ...)20:34
T42_<elros34> @voidanix[m] did you update mce?20:36
voidanix[m]yes, it's to avoid having the dozen scripts for restarting hwcomposer20:36
voidanix[m]that mce works just fine on another device20:37
T42_<elros34> this is only the only issue I can see, some privateGetSetupActions missing. I don't see lipstick-startup-wizard or dummy compositor only sailfish-unlock-ui which is I guess what's interesting for you20:39
T42_<elros34> I think that would be sailfish-minui based app20:44
voidanix[m]is lipstick-startup-wizard or dummy_compositor supposed to be enabled for the unlock screen?20:46
T42_<elros34> I don't know but I suppose no. First might be minui to avoid all lipstick dependencies. People who worked with open source version of encryption might know something about it20:48
T42_<elros34> verbose logging in minui might be disabled on purpose20:49
T42_<elros34> I can't find much about it but here  sailfish-unlock-ui is running together with lipstick but I am not sure. You would have to compare with working device maybe
voidanix[m]yeah, idk why my kumano works with almost the same repos (just separate spec files for names)20:55
T42_<elros34> @owls!: make sure you have all of these set in .config file: then recreate and flash hybris-boot.img20:55
T42_<elros34> voidanix[m] so that would be probably debuggable alternative:
voidanix[m]doesn't look like i have much of an alternative21:18
voidanix[m]FWIW community encryption also has some issues with that panel
voidanix[m]or whatever it is at this point21:19
T42_<elros34> you could strace that sailfish-unlock-ui if you could manage to enable telnet/ssh or wait maybe jolla will release sources for it. minui was actually released for a short period of time21:20
T42_<elros34> sailfish-device-encryption too but no idea if that contains  sailfish-unlock-ui21:24
voidanix[m]about strace-ing: putting `/usr/bin/strace` before the executable in its service file would suffice right?21:26
T42_<elros34> looks like this is the package which somebody might even have cloned (no not me)
T42_<elros34> about starce then I am not sure if you can do this with service, it may timout21:28
malit's possible to increase service timeout21:37
T42_<elros34> mal: any chance sailfish-device-encryption and others will be released again?21:39
mal@elros34 there is a question about that in tomorrow's community meeting21:41
T42_<elros34> ok let's wait21:42
voidanix[m]fwiw strace-ing is proving unhelpful21:46
voidanix[m]there's a bunch of `Resource temporarily unavailable` but have no idea if it's related to event4 (touch) or something else21:47
maland you are sure the hwc restarting works?21:49
mali.e. the service name in the config is correct etc21:50
voidanix[m]yes it works21:52
malok, that is just sometimes the reason why nothing is shown on screen21:55
voidanix[m]i know this might sound extremely silly but: are android recoveries somehow related to unlock-ui?22:25
voidanix[m]there's minui in both of them :D22:25
T42_<smells_like_owl> @Elros that did help (init.log is created now), but it still reboots after 60 seconds. Here are the few last lines of init.log:22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    1.548499] dhd_module_init out22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    1.549471] Freeing unused kernel memory: 6172K22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    1.549476] before of rkp deferred init22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    1.549480] after of rkp deferred init22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    1.724156] [SX9320]: sx9320_set_mode - change the mode : 122:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.531334] EXT4-fs (sda24): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.533482] Setting journal tag on volname[USERDATA]22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.536312] EXT4-fs (sda24): warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is recommended22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.537295] EXT4-fs (sda24): recovery complete22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.537791] EXT4-fs (sda24): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.683023] using random self ethernet address22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.683037] using random host ethernet address22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.694953] gadget_dev_desc_UDC_store: +++22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.694975] Config c/1 of g1 needs at least one function.22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.694989] configfs-gadget 10c00000.dwc3: failed to start g1: -2222:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> [    3.960105] max77865_chgin_init_work22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> + sleep 6022:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> + reboot -f22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> 22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> 22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> and here is full init.log:
T42_<smells_like_owl> 22:26
T42_<smells_like_owl> In dmessg it still says "usb usb2-port1: config error" (re @elros34: @owls!: make sure yo...)22:26
malvoidanix[m]: sailfish minui is based on android minui, you can see it in the copyright headers22:27
voidanix[m]hmm okay... because out of coincidence, touch also does not work under LOS recovery22:27
malvoidanix[m]: so is your issue touch or also the ui showing?22:28
mal*ui not showing22:28
voidanix[m]touch only, UI displays just fine22:28
malah, I misunderstood your issue then22:28
malI thought you had issue that unlock ui was not showing22:28
voidanix[m]nope: it displays everything it should, but i can't tap anything22:29
T42_<elros34> @owls! so you can see usb can't be initialized: "10c00000.dwc3 sh: write error: Invalid argument."22:29
malvoidanix[m]: you could test adding some debug printing to minui event code22:30
T42_<elros34> @owls! what was the device repo?22:31
voidanix[m]@mal in i suppose?22:31
T42_<smells_like_owl> @Elros what do you mean the device repo, the droid-hal-dreamlte.spec or the original android repos?22:31
malvoidanix[m]: yes22:31
T42_<elros34> @owls  android one22:32
voidanix[m]hopefully got enough time to do that tomorrow, it's getting kinda late22:33
voidanix[m]thanks for the tips tho22:33
T42_<elros34> mal: but how he can use it?  I can see only libminui.a in rpm22:35
T42_<smells_like_owl> @Elros basically these:22:35
mal@elros34 hmm, maybe it's not as simple then22:35
T42_<elros34> @owls!: try this changes in /init-debug script:
mal@elros34 yeah, seems both minui and sailfish-minui are static build22:45
T42_<Pachof> One question, if I use the repo sync command, and there are errors, should I reset the command?22:58
T42_<smells_like_owl> @Elros can23:04
T42_<smells_like_owl> @Elros can't locate the script, i only have the following:23:04
T42_<smells_like_owl> PlatformSDK [fox@galaxy hadk]$ find | grep init-debug23:04
T42_<smells_like_owl> ./system/core/rootdir/init-debug.rc (re @elros34: @owls!: try this cha...)23:04
T42_<elros34> on device in recovery next to init.log23:05
T42_<elros34> be aware that abd push might change permissions so better edit file in place with vi/nano23:06
T42_<smells_like_owl> Ohhhh23:06
T42_<smells_like_owl> I see23:07
T42_<smells_like_owl> @Elros34 Made serious progress, yet device now is unresponsive. Will see in a few weeks once I will return to it. Thank you!23:43
T42_<elros34> great, init_enter_debug2 should make it debuggable. Anyway search for HengYeDev porting efforts in logs, you may find some similar issues23:46
T42_<smells_like_owl> Thank you, I really appreciate it23:46

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