Thursday, 2023-12-07

T42_<NotKit> well, you need to analyze the errors and think how to fix those (re @Pachof: One question, if I u...)00:00
T42_<NotKit> can't give meaningful answer without knowing what went wrong00:01
T42_<Pachof> ok thanks (re @NotKit: well, you need to an...)01:40
T42_<Connor> G'day everyone! I'm still struggling to get /system to mount correctly on my poco x3 nfc, have uploaded my work to but I've got no idea where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!04:05
T42_<elros34> @Connor you are missing all important changes ( and so on) in droid-config. Add them to $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/sparse. Not to droid-hal-configs/ submodule directory via some script08:57
T42_<elros34> Don't forget about symlinks for systemd services08:58
voidanix[m]since rebuilding minui would give no benefit because everything is statically linked, can i use osc for community-encryption?09:15
voidanix[m]or would i have to build from source as this is AOSP11?09:15
voidanix[m]hmm it's asking for obs credentials...09:20
voidanix[m]welp, hwcrypt does not build on A11: fix seems trivial but idk if somebody already did it some other way09:52
T42_<A_T_R> where is the settings for fingerprint in sfos13:21
malwhat kind of settings do you mean?13:27
T42_<A_T_R> to set fingerprints14:48
maldevice lock15:04
T42_<A_T_R> no fingerprint settings there ,i may be missed that package15:20
malah, community fingerprint is different probably15:23
T42_<b100dian> Settings is sailfish-devicelock-fpd for both I guess?16:51
voidanix[m]community-encryption is stuck on yamui... any ideas?18:53
voidanix[m]i already do have the hwcomposer restart service for systemd-assk-password-gui-stop18:53
voidanix[m]seems that yamui doesn't have to be present at all... interesting19:24
T42_<elros34> its just splash screen, you don't have to use it19:28
voidanix[m]yet the official encryption UI basically needs it, or the system reboots21:04
T42_<elros34> maybe some systemd leftovers like yamuisplash.service.d/ similar to this:
T42_<elros34> or some other systemd dependencies21:17
voidanix[m]already have those... it's getting stuck at the bootloader logo actually (looks like it switched to the other slot before)21:18

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