Saturday, 2023-12-09

voidanix[m]no, CPU usage is what i would consider normal00:47
voidanix[m]So I assume lena and seine do not show the spinning wheel when unlocking the lock screen (to home), correct?10:49
voidanix[m]Because the port is basically identical to those10:50
voidanix[m]for some reason lipstick is complaining about missing libraries e.g. or mapper@3.0.so13:10
T42_<elros34> can be normal. I saw many  warnings about missing libraries in some devices, not sure if it's some libhybris changes or android base but definitely these wasn't critical errors14:01
voidanix[m]they don't show up on tama which is also A11 in this case...14:02
voidanix[m]it also shows lipstick giving a `== hwcomposer module ==` message with info about it, does not on kumano14:02
T42_<b100dian> I seem to recall the spinner being related to ofono, hope I am not mistaken14:07
voidanix[m]really doubt it is ofono having to deal with the lockscreen; stopping it also doesn't help14:12
voidanix[m]since a picture is worth a thousand words:
malwondering what it is waiting for17:16
voidanix[m]Hopefully an strace on lipstick will give some answers17:21
malthat is a good idea, also dbus-monitor could give some hints in theory17:33
malif there some dbus call that takes too long17:33
maldo both of the device have everything ok in systemctl and systemctl-user (to show the status of all services)17:34
voidanix[m]seems strace-ing lipstick is not as easy as i thought18:37
voidanix[m]putting the strace command inside the systemd unit leaves me without surfaceflinger and just a black background with a clock18:38
voidanix[m]dbus-monitor is very uninteresting: `signal time=1702146256.046227 sender=:1.11 -> destination=(null destination) serial=134 path=/devicelock; interface=org.nemomobile.lipstick.devicelock; member=stateChanged`18:38
malvoidanix[m]: you can attach it later18:40
malno need to start using strace18:40
voidanix[m]yeah ik18:40
voidanix[m]i think i'm onto something with strace encsfa-fpd tho18:40
voidanix[m]nothing in encsfa-fpd... sad19:01
voidanix[m]meanwhile `strace lipstick` is a crazy spam of ppoll/epoll_wait19:02
malwhich options did you test for dbus-monitor, it has those --system and --session ones19:02
voidanix[m]i used dbus-monitor --system and excluded output from ngfd19:03
malvoidanix[m]: on x10iii there is about 2-3 second delay when unlocking20:15
malbut not quite as long as you have20:16
voidanix[m]that's still painful for a lockscreen tbh20:31
voidanix[m]also, the unlock time also sometimes happens to be 2-3 seconds here, but not as often20:34
malvoidanix[m]: yeah, needs some investigation20:38
malvoidanix[m]: that delay only happens when using passcode, with fingerprint it opens without delay20:39
voidanix[m]yep, same here20:39
malso that will give some idea what could happen once I have a look at the sources20:40
malnot today though20:40
malvoidanix[m]: that delay doesn't happen on xa2 either20:42
malso what is so different in x10iii or android 11 base20:43
voidanix[m]it's not android 11 because tama does not have it20:44
malhmm, ok20:44
voidanix[m]does XA2 have encryption?20:44
malhmm, not that device I have20:44
malcan't remember if xa2 has it in general20:45
mallooks like there is the option in settings20:45
malvoidanix[m]: does that tama have encryption?20:46
voidanix[m]yes but the community one20:46
malthere is slight delay on x10 which has encryption, not that long though20:47
malabout a second20:48
voidanix[m]something interesting about encsfa-fpd: when unlocking with the fingerprint there's 24 calls that go `read(14, "LUKS ...) = 4096`21:07
voidanix[m]with PIN entry it's 27 calls, and it gets stuck on the third one for a noticeable while21:07
voidanix[m]i am grepping these of course, should have mentioned that21:12
T42_<Pachof> One question, how do I install an already compiled kernel on a device with sailfishos installed?22:41
malyou just flash the hybris-boot.img using fastboot to boot partition just like you did before, in case your kernel uses modules you might need to package and install the droid-hal rpms also22:53
T42_<Pachof> ok thanks22:53
mal(just the droid-hal rpms which are currently installed on the device, not all of them)22:53
T42_<Pachof> ok22:54
malyou can use for example "pkcon search droid-hal" to see which one have been installed, or check patterns22:54
T42_<Pachof> ok thanks22:55

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