Sunday, 2023-12-10

voidanix[m]mal: community encryption totally gets rid of the lock screen issue on kumano00:19
T42_<Connor> Hello all, I got the mounts working on my surya port (thank you so much for your help Elros) but now I'm stuck on servicemanager giving me "Check failed: selinux_status_open(true )" which I *think* might be related to the selinux status of my base android rom? I've uploaded my journalctl to and my dmesg to
T42_<Connor> I've added "androidboot.selinux=permissive" to the kernel cmdline in device/xiaomi/surya/ as I'm on 18.1 and have tried a few different variations on file_contexts in sparse/etc/selinux including a symlink and the actual file from my vendor partition to no avail09:13
T42_<b100dian> Connor what are permissions on /sys/fs/selinux/enforce ? Maybe it is not readable10:44
T42_<Connor> I'm guessing the fact that I don't have an selinux folder in /sys/fs/ may be the problem?10:47
voidanix[m]you are supposed to have it, yes10:50
voidanix[m]do you also have something like in your droid-config?10:51
T42_<Connor> sure do, here's mine
T42_<b100dian> Connor are you using a halium kernel? This has app armour instead of selinux if true11:11
voidanix[m]does that really matter? lena at least has them both in defconfig and works just fine11:13
T42_<Connor> I have been using the ubports surya kernel but I could try rebuilding based on the stock lineageos kernel11:13
T42_<b100dian> It matters if selinux was disabled
T42_<b100dian> Maybe you just need to revert that if that's your kernel11:15
T42_<Connor> I'll give that a go, cheers!11:15
voidanix[m]ah yes, `CONFIG_DEFAULT_SECURITY_SELINUX` and `CONFIG_DEFAULT_SECURITY="apparmor"`11:15
T42_<elros34> these files in /etc/selinux must not be symlinks if you follow regular hadk pdf11:59
T42_<elros34> be aware on ubports there usually more changes which disables selinux12:05
pachofhelp pls : "external/droidmedia/droidmediacamera.cpp:344:17: error: inequality comparison result unused [-Werror,-Wunused-comparison]     android::OK != android::Camera::connectLegacy(camera_number, FORCE_HAL << 8, android::String16("droidmedia")"13:09
voidanix[m]do you have `FORCE_HAL := 1`?13:16
malwhich anderoid base is that?13:16
pachofandroid 9 base13:17
malbut actually there is a bug in that, usually FORCE_HAL should not be used13:19
malunless for a very good reason13:20
malcan't even remember when it was used last time13:20
pachofoh ok13:22
pachofI already fixed it, just remove "FORCE_HAL=1" from external/droidmedia/env.mk13:25
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