Friday, 2023-12-29

T42_<b100dian> You would need the kernel too - which device?10:43
T42_<Ha> Hi11:39
T42_<Ha> Lot of old devices11:39
T42_<Ha> Just to test, eg i tried with htc-m7 image but it doesnt boots up.11:39
T42_<Ha> Id like to know from the beginner i am, how to port a device to sailfish..11:39
T42_<b100dian> I don't know of a non-complicated way:) maybe focus only on one device, find its kernel sources, start with hadk, then hadk-faq, hadk-hot..11:49
T42_<Ha> I will need a teacher anyway (re @b100dian: I don't know of a no...)11:59

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