Sunday, 2023-12-31

*** moi is now known as Guest1244618:36
Guest12446im trying to port saifishos to a device, but are some people willing to help me doing so? the guide pdf is a bit complicated18:36
malplease tell what kind of problems you have? have you looked at hadk faq and hadk-hot linked in channel topic19:50
Guest12446mal, it's very hard to set up the plateform environnment..20:19
Guest12446but i think i will just give up20:19
Guest12446looks like sailfish/lineage are just kind of senior-skilled compilators-only tool :(20:19
maldon't give up, which part of the instruction is not clear?20:30
Guest12446mal : honestly, looooot of things20:44
Guest12446eg the "git" part, where it's not clear, asking for an account, with email/username : gitlab or github?20:44
Guest12446i think this guide has been made for senior builders whom are fine and understands well the lineageos porting compilator20:45
malGuest12446: you can skip setting up git account stuff for now22:19
malyou should ask help with specific issues so we can help22:21

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