Friday, 2024-01-05

T42_<ot_kurva> Hi! Is there any possibility to port SFOS to devices which based on Android 12 (Lineage OS 19)?16:53
malnot at the moment, 11 and 13 are possible, I should add support for 12 also, it should not be too difficult16:55
T42_<ot_kurva> Android 13 (Lineage OS 20) is possible?17:09
malit might need a bit more tinkering to get things working but it does work, I probably should have a look which part could merged17:53
T42_<ot_kurva> Okay. But what hybris version I have to use? 18.1!18:10
T42_<rosettanongrata> lineage 20? hybris 2018:12
T42_<rosettanongrata> lineage 18? hybris 18 (re @ot_kurva: Okay. But what hybri...)18:12
malI need to have a look if the manifest is up to date and rebase it if needed18:27
T42_<ot_kurva> Go to GitHub/mer-hybris/android and can’t find hybris-20 branch18:27
malok, so I forgot to push it there, I can do it a bit later tonight18:28
T42_<adampigg> mal: maybe a bit later than that, you can make the droidmedia changes for 12 ;)19:52
T42_<NotKit> can pick from
T42_<NotKit> or I can make an MR, but need to rebase it first...19:55
T42_<adampigg> well, at least teh work is done...19:57
T42_<adampigg> is there a rootfs with this included now? (re @NotKit: can pick from https:...)19:57
T42_<adampigg> ill try it on x2319:57
T42_<NotKit> was it broken on x23? (re @adampigg: is there a rootfs wi...)20:02
mal@NotKit please make a PR, rebase and squash the two commits into one20:08
T42_<adampigg> at least there is no video recording ... image capture/playback works (re @NotKit: was it broken on x23...)20:29

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