Saturday, 2024-01-06

*** rdr_ is now known as rdr00:28
malhybris-20.0 branch now exists in unfortunately droidmedia build currently fails and needs this hopefully I can merge that tomorrow and some other day soon once it gets proper review00:44
T42_<kreatowastaken> what about 19? Will that not be a thing?20:16
malI will have a look into adding support, not tonight though20:19
T42_<kreatowastaken> i can work with 20 too just seems weird that it jumped from 18.1 to 2020:23
T42_<b100dian> I don't think so. Each device gets updated ROM dfrom the next version. Skipping one version in hybris should be ok, though may not be easy20:25
T42_<b100dian> *from20:26

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