Friday, 2024-01-19

kcrootHello, what is last state of Nexus 5X port?16:49
kcrooton portlibrary all links to images are dead16:49
T42_<edp_17> I haven't seen news about Nexus 5X in the recent 3 years. I've kept alive Nexus 5 (hammerhead) until Sailfish Os supported bluez4. The last build for it (hammerhead) is Sailfish Os 4.4.20:58
mal@edp_17 which bluetooth driver does it use?21:04
malis there no bluetooth backports for the kernel?21:04
T42_<edp_17> mal : I can't remembee what bluetooth driver that uses. I haven't found a backports for that kernel.21:36
T42_<edp_17> *remember21:37
malmaybe it's some broadcom driver then21:39
T42_<edp_17> mal : yes, that rings a bell.21:43
mal@edp_17 so the bluetooth backports I made don't work, it seems to contain broadcom stuff also in there21:47
mal@edp_17 just wondering because the website about those backports specifically says hammerhead there21:51
T42_<edp_17> mal : Hmm. Okay. I'll double check it again. Thanks for the heads up.21:52
maljust maybe see what happens if you build the backports using instructions in hadk faq21:52
T42_<edp_17> mal : I'll try again. Thanks.22:05

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