Saturday, 2024-01-20

T42_<Herrie1982> Hammerhead should be close to usable on mainline kernel? (re @edp_17: I haven't seen news ...)11:51
T42_<Herrie1982> We did some initial port with mainline kernel @ LuneOS since the 3.4 kernel is giving more and more headaches11:52
T42_<Akatsu39> 5x is 8994 which is sad on mainline rn, Konrad is doing some work on his tree tho12:03
T42_<Akatsu39> maybe would be better to ask him12:03
T42_<adampigg> Weird,  when i sorted vibration permissions on x23, it just vibrates and never stops, which isnt ideal :D15:21
mal@adampigg I have seen similar15:21
mal@adampigg which vibra driver does it use15:25
T42_<adampigg> Native iirc15:26
mal@adampigg I meant kernel driver15:42
T42_<adampigg> Mal: not sure, but i havnt made any changes to kernel sources15:46
T42_<NotKit> @elros34 on Photon Q, did you encounter an issue where wallpaper is completely black and in apps ambience colors look a bit wrong?19:38
T42_<NotKit> like this on default blue ambience :
mal@NotKit does changing or adding this do anything
T42_<NotKit> mal, no visible changes. it's a very old device (Droid 4) with PowerVR. It used to render fine as of SailfishOS 3.x though20:10
T42_<elros34> @NotKit no, maybe once when something was broken but that could be anything20:12
mal@NotKit ok, wondering what could have changed, in libhybris or elsewhere20:12
T42_<elros34> I do not have anything fancy in env
T42_<NotKit> journactl has `lipstick[991]: [D] unknown:0 - eglCreateImageKHR failed, error: 300c`, but need to see if it's anything relevant from code20:15
T42_<elros34> you build for 4.5?20:15
T42_<NotKit> yes, the current latest20:15
T42_<elros34> on 4.4 I use slightly older version  of libhybris than you but without any real reason so no idea if that change anything: SImilar for qtscenegraph20:19
T42_<elros34> I wonder if that could be also some sailjail related issue because I have it disabled as much as I can20:23
T42_<NotKit> yeah, I saw your dummy-sailjail. Is it due to performance or kernel crashes?20:23
T42_<elros34> performance, I dont like whole idea of dropping startup booster because of sandbox20:24

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