Thursday, 2024-02-01

T42_<Herrie1982> mal: You around?08:12
T42_<Herrie1982> We noticed on LuneOS that sensorfw takes forever to restart or be killed by systemd (90 seconds) and this is delaying our shutdown for example. I noticed SFOS carries something called but couldn't find much about it. You have any pointers?08:14
T42_<b100dian> That is when the phone is booted for being connected to charger, instead of starting the user session it displays an indicator08:34
T42_<Herrie1982> Ah OK so that shouldn't help to kill sensorfw quicker?08:39
T42_<b100dian> No, for that you probably need to strace it to see where it locks or even gdb it, if no I/O - That's what comes to mind08:56
mal@Herrie1982 any chance you could see what the sensorfw is waiting, as mention strace or something09:37
T42_<Herrie1982> @mal Will have a look to see what I get there11:07

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