Friday, 2024-02-02

T42_<Conrad> hey guys, I have a rephone: nice port, works very well, with some minor bugs. One of the bugs is, that the fingerprint sensor sometimes stops working and only a reboot helps.14:28
T42_<Conrad> restarting sailfish-fpd-community doesn't help either. is there anything I could try?14:28
T42_<Conrad> thanks 😊14:28
genericv2Hello, me again. My last kernel issue: I'll try to solve it now21:05
genericv2Nope, i can't. Any idea?21:44
malgenericv2: was that the issue with VT or what?22:30
malwhich kernel version is that?22:32
malah 4.422:33
genericv2it's 4.422:40
genericv2Yeah kernel crashes when i enable VT22:40
genericv2 i was trying these patches.22:41
genericv2Second patch railed with 'git apply' so i applied it by hand22:44
malcan you give a link to kernel source github repo for your device?22:47
genericv2 Working on this one22:47
genericv2I can upload my modifications if you want22:47
genericv2(lineage-20 branch)22:48
malin the drivers/tty/tty_buffer.c file replace any "queue_kthread_work(&port->worker" with "queue_work(system_unbound_wq"22:51
genericv2Yeah it worked. I'll test it now22:54
genericv2It didint crashed with VT=y this time :)23:01

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