Saturday, 2024-02-24

genericv2hey, gonna clean install now18:24
genericv2Also time to retry encryption18:24
genericv2this home.mount unit is the issue i think19:34
genericv2it doesn't exist19:35
genericv2mal: any idea?19:36
T42_<b100dian> I think sailfish-encryption-service only works with lvm partition19:51
malyes, it need lvm based build19:51
genericv2hmm, so my device don't support it or do i need to add something to config?19:52
malit's just the way the sfos image is built, some configuration is needed19:54
genericv2oh, cool then. what do i need to add19:56
genericv2foudn nothing related to it on faq19:56
malyeah, there are no instructions for that it seems19:59
malmostly it's adaptating the kickstart folder from here and then creating and building repo based on example here and some small changes to patterns20:01
malremoving the droid-hal*modules package from patterns20:01
malalso you need there two lines to your droid-hal spec
genericv2looks complicated a bit, i'll try20:05
genericv2kickstart is simple but img-boot repo is a bit...20:06
genericv2actually, it's just args from BoardConfig i think, mustn't be that hard20:08
sirsheikhhi, is there a port for joyeuse?20:14
genericv2mal: can i adapt these to that script? Like or do i need to add other args?20:14
Thaodangenericv2: You mean the args to mkboot img?20:16
ThaodanYou put them into the mkboot img spec like this
Thaodanthe rest of the imgboot packaging takes care of assembling the image for you20:18
genericv2i got that but not sure about what arguments to give to mkbootimg20:19
genericv2i mean is this ( enough or do i need to add more args to it.20:20
Thaodando you have the image build with aosp/lineage? You can run unpack_bootimg on it to see what is used there20:21
Thaodanthose argument look normal20:22
genericv2unpack_bootimg shows same arguments aswell, lets try20:23
genericv2mal: also where to clone droid-hal-img-boot and do i need to include it from somewhere? sorry for so much questions :)20:30
genericv2is it okay?
genericv2also :)21:09
malseems reasonable, I assume you checked that mkbootimg parameters are correct21:23
malmeaning you extracted the values from your boot image21:23
genericv2nice :) I m not sure as always but i am sure android build system uses this argument21:24
malyou forgot to remove this
malalso remember to fix droid-hal spec and rebuild it21:25
genericv2removed that line, checking everything again21:26
genericv2then i'll rebuild21:26
genericv2yup i already added that line to droid-hal21:26
T42_<SheffSamsung> woah irc chat (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <genericv2>yup i alr...)21:26
malgenericv2: two lines to droid-hal21:34
genericv2missed keyword: two lines21:36
genericv2repo problem: nothing provides '' needed by the to be installed droid-config-sagit-1-202402242155.aarch6422:03
genericv2Just a basic error but couldn't find why it's happening22:18
T42_<elros34> didn't you add some android libs to sparse?22:19
genericv2i added libicuuc etc. but not libbase.so22:31
genericv2added now, i'l retry22:31
genericv2it's gone, same err with another lib came. I'll add this aswell (if there is no other problem causing this)22:32
T42_<elros34> I didn't say add some random libs but I suspect your error is because you have added some random lib22:33
T42_<elros34> do not add more22:33
genericv2got it22:34
genericv2i know adding libs directly to odm is not a good idea but nothing works when i symlink them22:35
Thaodandroid-config shouldn't contain any binaries22:36
genericv2need to fix symlink issue then22:37
genericv2as i said, nothing works wo binaries in /odm, and it looks like i mustn't add binaries to droid-config repo22:37
genericv2mal: i think this is related to our lastest changes about encryption22:51
genericv2yup, it is.22:52
malno it's not22:57
malchmod: cannot access 'flash.*': No such file or directory22:58
malthat is mistake in the pack part of kickstart22:58
genericv2yup, that one. Can i simply remove that failing line or something else is wrong>22:59
mal remove that and probably also .dll .exe and flash from the FILES line22:59
genericv2yup already removed that after getting that error. Now as you confirmed it, I'll retry to build22:59
genericv2FILES="*.img* *-release"23:00
genericv2like this right?23:00
malyes, that should be fine for now23:03
genericv2built fine23:29
genericv2home-encryption-preparation.service didin't had any issues but main encryption service is still ded23:29
malyou managed to boot the lvm based image?23:34
maljust wondering if everything built correctly? what kind of image did you get?23:35
genericv2a bit strange i think.
genericv2i flashed hybris-boot.img from the folder23:38
maldid you build the new droid-hal-img boot at all?23:39
mal" -b hybris/droid-hal-img-boot" replace the path with the correct one23:40
T42_<elros34> did you even flash new sfos lvmimage?23:42

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