Sunday, 2024-02-25

genericv2built new boot repo now, i am still learning about hadk, sorry00:00
T42_<elros34> I am not sure you really understand that lvm build is not just different tarball.00:05
genericv2i can confirm i didin't.00:06
T42_<elros34> ok but do you know what to do now? What flash?00:07
genericv2nope, i don't. Can you explain please00:07
genericv2okay everything is broken right now. New hybris-boot.img it not booting to sfos rootfs. Gonna continue tomorrow00:19
T42_<elros34> I don't use it so no I do not know the details but be aware you will not have such an easy access like with your previous build (telnet and easy acces to sfos rootfs from android recovery). AFAIK you need to flash sailfish.img00100:19
genericv2There is something like updater-binary, probably there is something to do with it, i'll ask it to mal tomorrow. But i need to fix mkbootimg arguments before that.00:21
malthe lvm based sfos image (sailfish.img000) is flashed to userdata using fastboot00:28
maland usually lvm based image are done after device boots reliably with the regular community port image, meaning no interaction is needed via telnet or anything to get UI up00:29
genericv2i flashed that image file to userdata now, looks like new hybris-boot.img is okay too :) Of course it can't boot because of /odm but it didin't crashed. It was crashing in seconds before flashing new lvm build.09:24
genericv2The bad part is, the phone is at %100 again xD It's getting charged up to full while i am messing with it so.. Luckily the screen is on this time. As we made lvm (probably) work, i'll move other lvm modifications to another branch until we fix everything.09:27
genericv2i knew i can't access to the phone on a lvm build when it can't boot but i had to try it.09:29
genericv2the phone heats up a lot right now, battery must die in a hour.10:12
genericv2I'll set up repos while waiting10:12

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