Tuesday, 2024-06-04

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tohaturokelros: so for hybris-patchs I use hybris-sony-aosp-13 branch10:59
tohaturokelros: What do you mean under hybris branch for android repo? repo with android manifest?11:00
T42_<elros34> mer-hybris/android thus everything else: hybris-patches, hybris-boot and so on. What did you change? Did you clone everything again or why did you rebuild hybris-hal?11:05
tohaturokI just updated droid-hal-device repo11:09
tohaturokand wanted to rebuild hybris11:10
T42_<elros34> you don't have to rebuild "hybris" (I guess you meant hybris-hal) when you update  droid-hal-device. Anyway make sure you run usual source and breakfast/lunch command before building11:15
tohaturokanother question: does droid-hal-img-boot use kernel from droid-hal-pdx224-kernel package?11:15
tohaturokyou are correct, I meant hybris-hal11:17
tohaturokelros: it looks like my hybris-hal error occured on this line https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot/blob/7aca947990d6162bf3893b38268ac2b8759bda1a/Android.mk#L16713:23
tohaturokmal: if I correct understand here initramfs is packed to lz4 and gzip https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot/blob/7aca947990d6162bf3893b38268ac2b8759bda1a/Android.mk#L16713:40
maldepends on the device13:42
tohaturokbut why is it packed to gzip format when board uses lz4?13:42
malyou mean the boot-initramfs.gz ?13:42
malI was too lazy to replace the filename in various places so just used the old name even in case of lz4 :=)13:43
tohaturokyes, ok got it13:43
tohaturokohhh, sorry man, I didn't understand correctly this sentance. I thought there are two command in case if lz4 is used, but there is only first command and second for false13:48
tohaturokI found that when the recovery image is loaded, none of the ANDROID_USB and GADGET_DIR folders exist. What could be the cause of this?15:34
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit19:15
T42_<Tailsthefoz> should I try just using panfrost?19:16
T42_<Tailsthefoz> hm ok nvm19:24
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I'm trying to compile mali_kbase without dvfs, but it's alot harder to compile android kernels and their modules than it seems lol19:24
T42_<NotKit> you can't (re @Tailsthefoz: should I try just us...)19:27
T42_<NotKit> it uses a different in-kernel driver19:28
T42_<NotKit> for Pixels, Google should provide the environment to do it (re @Tailsthefoz: I'm trying to compil...)19:28
T42_<Tailsthefoz> they do, it's just it takes forever to clone lol19:28
T42_<elros34> tohaturok: have you tried reaching Thaodan?For sure he managed to boot this port andmay have idea what is  wrong20:39
T42_<elros34> how do you know GADGET_DIR doesn't exist?20:46
tohaturokelros: no, I haven't21:33
tohaturokI just changed the recovery init script. I added a condition on the existence of the directory and, if it exists, show a message on the phone display using 'yamui'21:37
tohaturoknow, I know that the kernel works, but I don't understand why usb gadget and android usb doesn't((( I've checked kernel's config and these features are enabled21:42
malare you sure you have all needed things in kernel config?21:53
malsomething like those 3 lines21:54
tohaturokI didn't found CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RMNET_BAM even as an option22:01
tohaturokother is enabled22:01
T42_<elros34> in what line do you check that directory?22:04
tohaturokI tried to find it in the entire file.22:28
T42_<elros34> it may exists only after "mount -t configfs none /config'22:29
T42_<elros34> not sure if it possible but can you print multiline of text via yamui? something like: 'yamui -t "$(zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i configfs_rndis)"'22:34
T42_<elros34> or only grep for "configfs" if it wil print multi lines22:35
tohaturokyes, I check directory after mount /config22:36
tohaturokok, I'm gonna try it tomorrow. Thanks22:36
T42_<elros34> best would be to mount some cache or other partitions and write there whole dmesg/config.gz or something and then access files via android recovery22:38

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